• 【APヘタリアMMD】If I Had 帝国☆島国

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    *Stage is by saba-sama, having Syachi-sama's Sky Dome behind. I'm sorry, I forgot to add it!!!orz
    IMPERIAL ASAKIKU = BEST ASAKIKU!!!!!!! (Ehhh I feel a deja vú here.......... :o :p)
    I FEEL SOOOOOO WEIRD NOT ADDING SUBTITLES ;A;;; I'm used to it now---- so I don't know if this video is perfect/well made, even tho I like it????? my recent--- 5 videos I guess has subs, so I kinda got addicted to adding them xDDD but I didn't know *how* I'd do that this time-- I was thinking to do similar to BOTTLEZ (that also has teikoku simaguni - the black part btw, not the white ew it looks bad-) but... it'd kill my time hehehh
    I liked how this looks like =o= (exp for da lack of subs) tho, believe me or not, this is a test/practice video xDDDDDD Tho it looks too nice/cool than my normal testing videos xDDDDDDD waiT WOAH DOES THIS MEAN IMPROVEMENT???? ME GUSTA
    I did this for practicing 60fps but I focused more with some AviUTL thingys such as mask and some others.... but mainly mask, I believe;;; I don't know how to explain how it works but it's when it "masks" the video except the region selected (that can be a circle, the left side of the video etc etc, depends of your likes). I think the best example in this video is (0:42) when normal Japan and England's face appears in a circle while the imperial ones are still dancing behind~
    I'm not sure about the whole difference between 60 fps and 30 fps.... I know one has half the quantity of frames of the other each second, but I couldn't SEE a difference.... HOWEVER this final ver is 30fps bc when I gave a final render to this as 60fps shit happened. I stayed up for HOURS after my bed time yesterday bc of this, ugh!!!! I think it's bc my PC's shit.
    I was going to add more animation in the middle of this video (like tei-san moving his legs on "so I put my ~boots~ on)... BUT HEY THAT'S A TEST VIDEO :U no need to do so for it :p except I could practice animating....... SHIT I ONLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT NOW
    I wanted to add more effects such as (three, I'm perfectionist) water poll?? pool??? thingys???? on the floor (bc it's rainin & talkin bout realistic things there would be water acumulated on da floor) but PC lagged too much with 'em, so I deleted it ;~;
    also the other rain effect where it hits into models and stages' materials, not just siple rainin, but it didn't want to work ????? damn youuuuuuu :'U
    oh and I FUCKIN FELT IN LOVE WITH BREATH OK????? I already liked it but I was lazy to actually make it work (bc it needed to edit the .fx file in notepad thingy) but WOAHHHH I'M SO GLAD I GAVE IT A TRY BC IT'S SO COOL :OOOOO Since it's rainin the weather maaaaay be quite cold??? SO I thought it'd be ok (it IS ok at least for me and I rly liked it)
    I LOVE doing dark videos more than light videos... even tho I do more the latter???? Yeh........ But that makes my dark videos cooler, I think? Since I rarely do what I like the most, when I DO so I do it more.... enjoyablely???? enjoyably????? WHAT??? LOL........... anyway, hope you understand it orz bc I can't explain better
    BTW am I the only one that noticed Imperial clothing is the inverse colour of the normal colour????? White/Black and Green/Red HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH cool.
    When normal Simaguni appears I was thinking on actually adding China (in Japz place) and America (in Igi's place) bc "if I had you" could mean if I had my perfect family (even if the singer is OBVIOUSLY talking about having the woman he loves, it also fits for family). I thought it would be a cool idea, because I have a weak for pale/family relationships. I think both of these countries held the other 2 in their heart, at least in the past (let's remember I'm talking about imperial times pls), however both relationships broke ;~;;;; And I wanted to add it........ BUT! got lazy!! XDDDD I'd need to credit more modellers than only one lulz/runs
    (I ship USUK both as red (lovers) and pale (family/friends) and NiChu as pale, but used to ship red too. This fandom needs MORE family ships. Urgently.)
    this will be likely my last 2k14 video so yeh, I'll keep it as my "happy 2k15" video or smth... I was planning other video but guess what made me lazy???? SUBTITLES.
    nico: http://www.nicovideo.jp/wat...
    Happy 2k15 dears!!!!!!! Let's hope this new year will be better than this one lol! Show less
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