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Share 2014

421,714 views 3 months ago
Watch how people all over Europe create a shared New Year´s Eve celebration via Vine and Instagram featuring a soundtrack by Lorde! Show less
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Move On l Trailer and Film Play

Move On is the story of a flawed hero, played by Cannes winner Mads Mikkelsen (James Bond: Casino Royal), who travels through a total of eight countries attempting to deliver a mysterious case to a destination unknown to him. But what sounds like a simple transportation happens to become a thrilling chase with a secret counterparty and his own past. He doesn´t know what is inside the case, but his chasers seem to. And they are willing to do everything to take it from him. This enthralling road movie is inspired by thousands of film fans from all across Europe. Enabled by Deutsche Telekom, director Asger Leth (Ghosts of Cite Soleil) and screenwriter Matt Grennhaulgh (Control) managed to create one unique story out of thousands of ideas, shared by this huge community.

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