• Kickin Kombucha Baby!

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    I have A LOT OF DRINKING TO DO NOW! You girls know! (quite a large group of us ladies are in love with getting probiotics naturally) So let's capitalize on it in Dallas. So this is for my Kombucha girls that grow from home their own, let's think about teaming up with this chain instead of starting up another company. I mean either way it's a good idea and we need a place locally that brews it. And we know how to brew it, so they should hire us to open the Dallas store. I think we could work with these Houston based folks Kickin' Kombucha for maximum productivity. (shout out to you guys from the Big D) Still no Kombucha products based out of Dallas. That to me just screams opportunity.
    Let's just kick it with Kickin' Kombucha? I will be contacting them tomorrow in Houston.

    These markets don't stay open forever, and Kombucha is just about to be even more popular soon. You got to go with the trends when it's new or else.. I think that this suggesting ideas is what we should do more often if we have homeless people and those with money issues. I mean it is not a money problem! It's an ideas problem they have! So throw out some bones people if you are an ideas person like me. I mean if someone steals an idea, so what though?! Not like I lack those! I have too many of them to complete in this lifetime but I'm trying. There is just so much in the world that is needed by people, Im no business major, I just have a psych and theology so I dont do "business talk" if I can avoid it.
    BUT I know when there is a market created for specific group of people. So there is the market for it and no one is producing it locally. I'm an ideas person so im just gonna throw them out there more now instead of hogging them. I mean people say not to share cause well it's financially stupid, but so what! It all comes from God anyways!

    So let's collectively grow in wealth together? I think that's the point of our whole evolution right now. You know how people are being more loving these days. You sense it. Like if we have a problem with a society or corrupt political system that leaves millions poor homeless and with money issues, let's just throw out some more ideas for them. I mean if they take the initiative to follow through with our ideas then why not? I can't possibly run the non profit and get 200 ideas patented plus this lil side money maker. I mean I have other projects going on too so this I would have to have someone else kinda overseeing. I'm already way behind on filing taxes for 2 businesses. So some dude should take this over as a way to meet women. Yeah that's incentive. You would meet smart women because thats who buys it. So I mean being in Dallas those are hard to come by. lol JK

    I was involved in politics and so this is just some Ron Paul Girl coming out in me. I mean Ron taught me how to use what you are naturally good at to create wealth. So why not let's help other's do it too! That would help more than convincing them to vote for some candidate. I mean convince em to live the life they never thought possible instead. Then we all win. So many money making ideas out there and I just don't see why we need to compete for anything when there is so much that needs done. You don't "look" for a job. You "create" a job. That is what Obama needs to get through his head. But if he did it wouldn't matter cause he ain't in control.

    I'm sharing because it helped my overall health skyrocket when I began taking them. so how could I not share? So moms listen up.
    Please use natural methods with kids first :) I'm not a mom but I was born to be one and trained to be one, so I would like to share at least some things cause I see so many parents and kids that aren't aware of the way to heal their own bodies. I wouldn't write all this if I didn't think it was and will be important more and more in the future as healthcare falls apart and resources will become hard to find. So start growing you own. Someone taught me and I can teach too. It's not THAT HARD. I mean if THIS CHICK HERE can grow a living scoby and not kill it and make sweet kombucha tea then anyone can! Show less
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