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  • If you go and watch the interview, you can watch Jesse talk over the top of David, every time he goes to answer the questions.

    I don't know if David had/has serious drinking problems, but I do know that at the start of one of his shows he said he'd just quit drinking. Maybe he did have serious alcohol problems, we're all subject to addictions, I know I'm not perfect and have struggled with some myself.

    It just proves he's human, which is the feeling I've always had from David; pretty normal guy.

  • I have seen that before. I remember watching it, being excited to see how the two would connect and talk. And it was a s**t fest. Yeah, Alex acts like a child when things don't go his way.

    That was a long time ago and I would have expected Peter to just have let it go and move on with what he himself is doing.

    While I agree that Alex peddles fear... it's not like he's alone in the media for doing so, and he at least encourages people doing their own research. Better than the mainstream mud pit.

    Culture in Decline | Episode #5 "Baby Go Boom!" by Peter Joseph

    UPDATE: *Season One, Two DVD Set now available. Help support future episodes:

    Culture in Decline | Episode #5 "Baby Go Boom!" by Peter Joseph - May 1st 2013...
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  • "Oh shit, he actually killed that"

    That's how I roll MF...

    Red Alert (TA): Gameplay and Commentary - Aug 18, 2012

    Hey man. Sometimes early in the morning. You feel like saying things that you wish you never said. And that's what happened here! xD Thanks for watching my video and please subscribe. I'll try to p...
  • It was pretty good. You should try NZTV on demand.

    Kim Dotcom - Mr President

    The war on Internet freedom was declared on Obama's watch.
    Download the song & Join the movement
    Follow me:

    United we stand, divided we fall.
    Let's ...
  • Why do you think this all about drugs?

    1. Ron Paul's main message is not pro drugs, it's about individual freedom.

    2. The part of Ron Paul's message about legalizing drugs is not pro drugs, it's anti drugs. The want to legalize drugs is an effort to get rid of the drug war (which it would as it destroys the criminal market).

    3. Alcohol is already legalized and that's what really causes people to act violently.

    Maybe you've come across allot of cult like followers, but that's not all of us.

    Ron Paul Followers Are A Cult

    Ron Paul Followers Are A Cult, Drug will always be bad, start thinking, get your head out of you butt, the truth will set you free

    Buy the Book "Whatever Happen To COMMON Sense" ...
  • No, because the tangent Universe still existed. It's not part of the main timeline, it's an alternate timeline. Like Back to the Future II, they accidentally create the "bad" reality. But that reality still existed, even though they got rid of it, because thatt's how they go the almanac back.

    Donnie Darko EXPLAINED 100%

    • by Xxrr23
    • 2 years ago
    ***Pleasantville EXPLAINED:

  • Not sure if anyone else noticed, but clearly, Mortimer had a good chance of making it through one of those wormholes... In fact you can see one closing in the shot where Keen is looking over the edge to check for him.

    Commander Keen 9 (2011) Ending

    • by S Sp
    • 3 years ago
    Finally we defeat Mortimer McMire and save the universe once and for all after an epic and challenging battle that puts an end to the CK series.

    Battle of the Brains is the third and final episo...
  • Whether you believe all this or not, there is still definitely truth in it. In order for the world to change, what is here must go away, else it would be the same world. Like Lego, if you have one thing made out of Lego and want to make another you must first take apart what you have before you can build your new model.

    And yes, the Illuminati are completely insecure. I'm not Christian, but perhaps Ephesians 6:12 is helpful to understand our true struggle.

    David Icke - The Illuminati are Insecure

    David Icke speaks about the insecurity of the Illuminati and how they have set up systems all across society where they can control both sides and appar...
  • 3rd map is mine! xD

    Command & Conquer Online (CnCNet) - Join us, seriously.

    Multiplayer promotion for Tiberian Dawn.
  • Epica - Tides of Time #9 (Lyrics)

    You were always there to hold my hand
    When times were hard to understand
    But now the tides of time have turned
    They keep changing

    Seasons range, but you remained the same
    A stea...
  • Meh, make videos, massage the media and get outside and spread word on the street. Why stop fighting on any front?

    My message to Ron Paul supporters.

    Don't get offensive, cause I'm not attacking you in anyway. I love Ron Paul, and anyone who supports him. Just a suggestion.

    Oh, and my microphone wasn't working, so I hope you don't mind the ...
  • lol, as I suspected, no real reason, just a rant with no understanding.

    Someone needs to buy this guy a device to shave himself, pronto!

    Attention Ron Paul supporter, Ron Paul is a joke.

    If Ron Paul receives 11% of the popular vote, I will shave my head and will not vote in the next two presidential elections.
  • @Poderosa20 watch?v=Q-ipg4qh7zA

    Not isolationism, just an end to war and propping up dictators in the name of foreign aid.

    Foreign aid seems to just be taking money from the poor people in America and giving them to dictators in other countries who then spend it on military which the US ends up fighting, that's what has happened historically anyway.

    Ron Paul

    Ron Paul has good and bad points
  • Even if he is NWO, this video is showing no evidence of it. Reversing his speech? Try reversing some of your own speech and see what you're saying.

    Everything I've seen of Ron Paul has shown he's always been against their agenda, and they're absolutely scared of him, to the point they're going to be counting votes behind closed doors (rigging the election).

    On 9/11, I think he knows, but how are you going to run in a campaign if you're running around saying he government demolished building 7?

    Ron Paul - Tool of the Illuminati

    Ron Paul is a tool of the Illuminati. Don't tell me you didn't know that. The Illuminati ALWAYS control both sides of the coin. It's called Hegelian dialectic.
  • Ok, we all know this person is taking the piss OUT of conspiracy theorists right? This does NOT line up with the most popularly believed conspiracy theories on the Sept 11 attacks....

    Gees guys he's even talking with a weird voice to sound stupid. Go research this day for yourself, look up building 7, don't take anyone else's word for it.

    Proof that 9/11 was an inside job!!!!!

    This video proves that the alleged terrorist attacks of september 11 are actually a terrible hoax perpetrated by the government. This video shows you the truth behind 911. You will see how and why ...
  • guys, look up "Ron Paul's Shocking Statements On CNN (Pt.1of2)1-10-08" and see him attacking Ron Paul...

    Alex Jones asks David Gergen about Bohemian Grove Rituals

    • by W3AzLe
    • 7 years ago
    Check the Stupid Reaction of David Gergen about the Questions from Alex Jones -3:0 for Alex go go go! (With German SUBS)
  • Hm, he took out the part about one world government... That to me is important info. Still, anyone who looks into this sort of info will come across it pretty quickly.

    Complete Original '07 Zeitgeist With 2010 Updates by: Peter Joseph

    Be sure to check out this 220 page Source Guide below which sources virtually everything. As requested by Zeitgeist creator Peter Joseph, I have replaced the original Zeitgeist movie with well ove...
  • 2 dislikes... who comes here just to state they don't like the INTRO to Zeitgeist?

  • What's stupid is that if you just Google everything Ron talks about here, you'll find he's almost right about ALL of it. Happy hunting people.

  • Ron Paul Ad - Betrayal

    • by ronpaul
    • 2 years ago
    Learn more here:
  • "...looking to take more of your money"

    He used to work as a doctor for about $2 an hour, sometimes free

    " impose ridiculous 'liberal' views"

    Name one

    "..turn the USA into a whipping post"

    Ron Paul wants to follow the constitution

    "...'open borders' and 'free market'"

    He's bringing the troops home to protect US borders and dismantle a system of freebies from the government available to illegal immigrants

    "..businesses will end up leaving"

    He's getting rid of laws pushing businesses overseas

    Why You MUST NOT Support Ron Paul's 2012 Campaign!

    • Michael Jackson, Hold my Hand Instrumental •

    — NEWT GINGRICH 2012 —
    Note: Barack HUSSEIN Obama's picture is not in the video for a reason. You will unquestionably agree that Barack Hussein Obama...
  • And George Carlin, I was looking through his stuff on philosophy and religion.

    Hot Contestant on Wheel of Fortune.mpg

    • by MPKral
    • 4 years ago
    MAD TV Skit of Wheel of Fortune featuring the lovely Pamela Anderson as a Contestant, *DISCLAIMER* All credits go to MADtv, FOX, QDE Entertainment...
  • @Youd020 All life does. It's a bit different than what you think. All life can communicate through a natural system (language is actually quite crap in allot of ways). More correctly I should say "life obeys Love". But that doesn't mean much to you. As I said before. Go and listen to Johnathan's (Adampants) recordings, he explains it in full. This is something everyone can do, because all life does it. Humans are just kinda, detached, but you might have noticed that already :S

    Michio Kaku: Telepathy Is Easier Than You Think

    Don't miss new Big Think videos! Subscribe by clicking here:

    Some have proposed using quantum entanglement (the invisible umbilical cord that exists between objects) as a for...
  • The answers here aren't too bad, however, this scene is about agents. There's so much I want to write here and can't due to not enough characters.

    Needless to say the woman represents a possible "agent". Who will try and detach you from reality (plug you into the matrix). "Agents" are very real, they are not human, they operate using subliminal messages AND they can talk through anyone who hasn't reconnected with the Spirit.

    Please, go listen to "Jonathan 'Adampants' The Healing Begins Now. "

    What does this Woman in Red Dress represent?

    All fans of the Matrix should know by now that the Matrix Trilogy has many underlying messages, Biblical overtones, and certain elements that symbolize a deeper meaning.
  • Don't attack one another. If you truly believe what was said here, that religion is mind control. Then people who are attacking John on what he said in this recording are are victims of religion. They are in a sense "mentally ill".

    Attacking them is like trying to beat sense into them. Only love can heal this world and these people. See, the real teachings of Christ :)

    Jesus Knew How to Ride a Bike

    Big Ups to Jonathan!
  • Well, it happened some time after, but yes, his teaching were dismantled.

    "Jesus knew hot to ride a bike" The guy that made this, Johnathan "Adampants", look up some of his speeches, it's opened my eyes and mind to SO much more understanding.


    Mirrored "The 'Real' Zeitgeist Challenge" DEBUNKED: Chris White (10/10)

    Chris White refutes a recent radio interview of Acharya S and Peter Joseph. This is one of the more devastating rebuttals to the Theosophic conjecture that I have seen.

    Sub to:
  • They're both members of the Skull and Bones Society, they're have both done the SAME THING.

    Google: Skull and Bones Society.

    Bush Flips Out

    Second Presidential Debate
    Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
    October 8, 2004
  • RON PAUL is EXPLODING (Jon Stewart 2012 Trust Today)

    Check Out LIBERTY CLASSROOM & Learn Ron Paul's Economic Platform (Austrian Economics) w/ Tom Woods:
    Ron Paul ...
  • Quite a good video here, I've had my suspicions about him also.

    Could you work on the volume in this video though, seriously listen to it yourself there are parts that even with my volume on full are too quiet to hear. Thanks.

    Alex Jones, the Knights of Malta, and the Jesuits

    This is probably, by far, the most thorough and damning video anywhere proving that Alex Jones is an agent of the New World Order. This, along with my other videos, available at
  • SCOUTS New Zealand Promo Video (Nelson Venturer Unit)

    Made by the Nelson Venturer unit, directed by Maru Kenny.

    A finalist in the SCOUTS New Zealand Promotional Video Promotional competition. The video with the most views on the 6th of October will...
  • I think Zelda would make a better anime. I know there was an animated series (but it was crap).

    Think about it, with all the dungeons, it'd be boring to watch him go through all of them within the space of 2:30 hours, not leaving time for characters to be developed properly, or the opposite, all characters, no dungeons.

    A series, with each episode leading on to the next, like dragon ball Z etc. That would capture the epic long journey properly. Characters, action and the feeling of a quest. The Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer

    • by tomcatf
    • 5 years ago
    • 128,692 views The Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer
  • If you guys want the game, you can now download it for free, it's freeware.

    and if you go to cnc-comm, you can find updates for the game made by fans, very good ones, high resolution and 6 player internet gaming. This game is not yet dead.

    Command & Conquer

    also known as Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

    Following the success of Dune II, this was the first real-time strategy game of the Command & Conquer series, developed by Westwood Studios and publi...
  • The reason all this looks so fucked up is that we live in a world were the common person is insane.

    Yes, the government shouldn't control education, that streamlines it, and therefore streamlines people's minds.

    The whole idea of College is weird anyway, shouldn't all education be free?

    Our medical institutions are based on making money rather then helping people, anyway.

    The Government's place is not as the public babysitter, if the people want to do something, do it, that's what freedom is.

    Ron Paul - Unanswered Questions

    Ron Paul has a pretty nice plan for the war, what about the rest of his thoughts on America?
  • But WHY do they shit in your face? Because they felt they needed to, or because they were brainwashed, either way, we could call this insane. Would you condemn the insane for their crimes, or teach and heal them?

    Please forgive the people in this world, they do not understand what they are doing.

    Zeitgeist theme.....

    • by tsakis
    • 3 years ago
  • Seriously, there's only 6 comments here?

    That does scare me a little, as I do want better things for this world. I think there was 2 levels of wisdom when you spoke about looking at where we're doing now, and letting the outcome take care of itself. That there is a spiritual gain from acting now. But also physically, strait on the topic I started my post on, that if we do "good", than we create "good" (well of course we do), but that is my point.

    KNOWLEDGE 13 of 13

    • by 30PP0
    • 4 years ago
    Download all Adampants videos :
  • I don't know what Giratina is XD

    Old school for ever, lol

    Pokemon Theme 8-Bit

    Pokemon Theme 8-Bit version.
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