• 21 DAYS FROM TODAY: Transform Your Life and Legacy

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    Imagine being the BEST YOU in 21 days from today.

    We all have an inner drive to reach our full potential.

    But Life Gets in the Way. Life Can Be Chaotic…

    Between everyday challenges…

    Trying to…

    Create long lasting relationships…

    Bring in enough income to provide for your family…

    Take time out to fuel your mind with positive and stimulating creation…

    Make sure to take care of your body with proper fitness and nutrition…

    Have the resources to travel and seek adventure…

    Find a connection with a higher source…

    Not to mention everyday life…

    Often times it’s easy to turn to self destructive behavior, because of the challenges we all experience in life.

    So many people turn too.

    Drugs and Alcohol
    Social Media
    Video Games

    To help stop the Pain, Confusion and Challenges of life…

    I’VE Been There on many of these…

    Most of the time your just trying to get through ONE MORE DAY…

    When I was young I was in scouting I learned the importance of using a Compass.

    In order to get where you want to go you must do these three things.

    A Compass…
    Know how to use it…
    Go around obstacles…

    If you don’t have a compass in the mountains, you will get LOST…

    So many people today are running around life without a compass, they don’t have the tools and tactics to achieve ultimate potential as a human being.

    By having the proper tools you then have… a system for living that create’s Power, Passion and Purpose.

    And once you have it…

    You can then Have It All! The potential for World Class in all areas of your life.

    Once you have these tools and strategies in place, your life will now run more efficiently and productive.

    You wont need 3 cups of coffee or some pills to help you get through the day. Or turning to flip on the television to finish your day.

    You wont feel overwhelmed and out of control.

    It all comes down to having a compass for you life.

    The 8 Pillar System has created the power for me to create a life of…

    The income to travel the world…
    incredible relationships…
    My Health and Fitness…
    Increased knowledge and productivity…
    Contribution and Lifestyle…

    I will be sharing my exact strategies and tactic in the World Class Formula Training Program.

    You can take the exact system and use it to create more Power, Passion and Purpose in your own life. (and you won’t have to invest $5,000 to get your hands on it)

    Click Below to take your life to World Class Today…


    You only have ONE LIFE… Make the most of it…

    Inner Power, is a beautiful thing.

    Make Yours Now!

    The End!


    I have climbed and viewed the splendor of Alps, I have walked on burning hot coals 2,000-degree Fahrenheit.

    I almost lost my life while watching a friend lose theirs.

    I have spent more on self-development than most pay for a Yale Education.

    I have seen the magnificence sculptures of Michelangelo to the most breathtaking sunsets of the Caribbean.

    I have dined with the wealthy and cried with the homeless.

    I have eaten and stayed at some of the finest hotels in the world. I have eaten dog and cat in the most impoverished villages in Asia.

    I was a judge for Miss Utah, and I’m on the board of a major University.

    I have dated women voted in the top 10 beautiful women in the world to the cover of Vogue Magazine.

    I got a kiss from Jenny McCartney… (I guess every guy has, never mind).

    I’ve prayed so hard that I felt if I opened my eyes God would have been there crying with me.

    I traveled the USA with my boys who taught me more about life than I have taught them.

    I have had the police knock on my door at 5:00 am to tell me that my youngest son passed away in a car accident.

    I have met the most amazing people and created friendships that will last a lifetime.

    I have made a million dollars and lost it.

    I have swam with the sharks in the Pacific to fly fishing in Alaska.

    I once saved the life of a homeless person who was dying.

    I have come to realize that it’s the memories with loved ones and warm breezes that you will remember.

    The older I get, the more I don’t know.

    People come into your life at the perfect time, then they leave after you have learned from them.

    Thanks to all of those who have made my road, a less traveled one!

    My Journey has just begun…


    Click below to receive my FREE E-Book “7 Proven Strategies to a World Class Life”



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