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Koto Nizna

Yarn Factory Art Projects: MAKE_MY_DAY_!

572 views 2 years ago
Make_My_Day_! exhibition of Koto Nizna

This project is the result of several months' work of learning to build and script in Second Life, a result of Koto Nizna's interest and networking with people (other avatars) "in-world." The attraction of Nizna in building and scripting in Second Life is in its total creative capacity--he likens it to a huge sandbox in which one can do anything one can imagine. He says, "In this case, I am the architect, the construction worker, the manager, the curator, the artist..." The project in-world offers the ability to expand from Nizna's painting practice in "real life" (as Tatong Rechata Torres) of which he has since recognized its limitations.

The construction of this work took a number of months and real finances in renting the virtual land and purchasing scripts to enable everything to work together. The opening last 21 June 2010 was attended by lots of avatars from around the real-world and included live performances by musician avatars from Spain, USA and Japan.

-Clarissa Chikiamco

The information superhighway is making the world smaller and smaller by the day. Once, the line was the shortest distance between two points. Now it seems the internet has proven to be the bane of Euclid. With the rise of social networking and augmented realities, It is quite inevitable that this new technology will be exploited by artist.

Exploring this new ground for Philippine contemporary art is Tatong Recheta Torres' exhibition MAKE_MY_DAY_! at the Yarn factory Art Projects. If you haven't heard of this new art space, don't feel left out. Just create your own avatar at the online world of Second life and head over to virtual japan. The exhibition is an entirely virtual show made in the online SIM Second life, where anybody can interact with others through avatars.

-Ateneo Art Awards 2011 exhibition notes. Show less
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