• Small is Tall.

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    the three sizes for unnamed coffee shop:
    tall, grande, venti... ?

    okay... to help out a little with comments... eep! trying to keep up! sorry!
    -It is true I honestly haven't been to a Starbucks in years! There isn't a single starbucks in the town I am going to school in AU and I usually went to Coffee Bean or local shops back in home. So a big sorry to those who are regulars at their starbucks as this is not new news to you ;)
    -This situation did happen with me being the freely admitted noob (no worries, I have no issues laughing at myself ;) although, I realize, what doesn't come across is that the employee was having a ton of fun with me with some great quick wit, fun sarcasm and word play. We were both in tears laughing by the end of the conversation. I couldn't resist sharing. And if she remembers me and the interaction, a big thanks for her quick wit and having such a fun time with it.
    -okay! now I understand! I finally saw the vid with foamy the squirrel, an episode covering the same topic (as this is definitely not a new joke just the first time it has happened to me). my apologies to those guys, and those who know of it, it is honestly the first I've seen it. I think it is really funny but those who aren't comfortable with swearing, here's your heads up. It is in one of the vid responses if you want to check it out.

    Things I've learned from comments:
    Grande='Big' in Spanish & Portuguese
    Venti='20' in Italian

    Sizes used to be:
    Short (8oz), Tall (12oz) and Grande (16oz)
    Then they introduced the 20 oz cup and called it Venti,
    So the Short (8oz) became the kids size
    (still available when asked)

    So... Their Short is the kids size, Tall is their 'small' size, Grande is their 'meduim/regular' size and venti is 'supersized' and will make your brain explode ;)

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