• Fire on the Mountain (Non/Disney Crossover)

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    ~The family sits down to breakfast and John breaks the news that they will be moving to find a better place to live. Wendy does not want to leave since this is the only place she's ever known. She argues with her father about it, and he sends her to her room. The next day Wendy goes to tell her cousins that her family is moving.

    ~A week later the family sets out on their journey to find their fortune in a new town. That night after Wendy cries herself to sleep she dreams of her cousins and decides to try to find her way back that night. Later on in the evening Cindy is woken by the sound of wolves nearby and she notices that her daughter is missing. She wakes her husband to help look for her, but by the time they find Wendy it's to late.

    ~About six months later they finally arrive to their promise town. They still mourn for their daughter but try to make the best of what they can.

    ~They buy a house and make a start of their new life here. John has a mining claim and works long hours. One day after he leaves a man comes in and takes advantage of Cindy. When John gets home he sees that she is cleaning up the remains of her dress and asks her what happened. With tear filled eyes she tells him. Enraged, John goes out to find the man and pulls a knife on him. Unknown to John the man has a gun, he shoots and kills John instantly as Cindy looks on from inside.

    ~After burying he husband Cindy decides to take matters into her own hands. That night she follows the man into the woods and, with John's gun, kills him. She leaves him on the ground and walks back out of the woods. She sees a flash of light from behind her and as she turns she sees the spirits of her daughter and husband. They comfort her and let her know that they are in a better place and that everything will be alright.

    This gave me some trouble, I am happy to say I finally finished it, I almost scrapped it when an entire folder of masks suddenly disappeared( Still have no idea where that thing ended up) Also the karaoke cover wasn't my original choice for song, but I couldn't get Dan C Holloway's cover to play for mobiles. It still works on a computer, possibly tablet? But I have unlisted it so it doesn't confuse anyone.
    EDIT: This is a re-upload of the same one since I accidently deleted the previous one when I was trying to clear the old one from my playlist. Oops. I really wish YouTube had an undo or restore option.
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