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  • Aeri's Kitchen - Channel

    • 210 videos
    Hi *^^*
    Welcome to Aeri's Kitchen. I'm Aeri. Through this channel, I want to share delicious food with you, especially Korean food. I hope you can experience some wonderful Korean cuisine. If you hav
  • mingjai14 - Channel

    • 92 videos
    Just an ordinary guy who talks about everyday life and thought of the day. Please don't misjudge me as a social behavior critic. Comments made in my video are solely my point of view, if you disagree,
  • papadesuyo777 - Channel

    • 329 videos
    I'm not a pro, I'm engineer.
    Cooking is my hobby.
    I cook only weekend for my family and for myself.
    Let' enjoy cooking show!

  • #PopularOnYouTubeHongKong - Channel

      The pulse of what's popular on YouTube - Hong Kong. Check out the latest music videos, trailers, comedy clips, and everything else that people are watching right now.
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    • BroScienceLife - Channel

      • 72 videos
      Bro Science: 50% fact, 50% magic, 100% results.

      Get learned.
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    • The School of Life - Channel

      • 143 videos
      At The School of Life, we're fascinated by the sort of questions we're never taught enough about at school or college: How can relationships go well? What is meaningful work? How can love last? How ca
      • CHANNEL
    • Kurz Gesagt - In a Nutshell - Channel

      • 32 videos
      Videos, explaining things. Like evolution, time, space, global energy or our existence in this strange universe.
      We are a team of designers, journalists and musicians who want to make science look be
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    • PostmodernJukebox - Channel

      • 152 videos
      An alternate universe of pop music.
      Snapchat: scottbradlee
      Twitter / Insta: scottbradlee

      iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/scott-bradlee-postmode...

      PMJ Tour Tix: http:
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    • ByronTalbott - Channel

      • 191 videos
      NEW food videos every week for all people, all the time!

      For media and sponsorship opportunities, contact: byronlovesfood@gmail.com
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    • Muttley laugh - Duration: 5 seconds.

      • 5 years ago
    • wantanmien - Channel

      • 156 videos
      Easy step by step tutorials on chinese food and western cakes. All explanations in cantonese and english. If you like my videos or want to be updated when I have new videos pease feel free to subscrib
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    • Donal Skehan - Channel

      • 123 videos
      Simple HomeCooked Delicious Recipes!

      Hi Guys! I'm Donal from Dublin and I'm a food writer. I also work as a TV presenter and present Junior MasterChef on BBC One, Kitchen Hero on RTE One and Grandma'
      • CHANNEL
    • TotallySketch - Channel

      • 187 videos
      Hi, I'm Michael Gallagher and welcome to my YouTube Channel! I make all kinds of crazy stuff (sketch comedy, interactive adventures, horror shorts, web series, vlogs, Q&A's and even feature length mov
      • CHANNEL
    • collectivecadenza - Channel

      • 39 videos
      Email us at hello [at] cdzamusic.com
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    • Davie504 - Channel

      • 187 videos
      Hi all, I'm an italian guy who wants to share his passion for the music, by uploading bass grooves, jams, arrangements, etc.. I'm 21 and I love Funky music, I hope you'll enjoy my vids and subscribe i
      • CHANNEL
    • Oscar Feiven - Channel

      • 35 videos
      Hi, I'm Oscar.
      I like making films and taking photos.
      I'm a graduate of Digital Film and Television Production at The University of Wales.
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    • Leon Thomas - Channel

      • 12 videos
      A twisted view of film. Featured at That Guy with the Glasses.
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    • Steven Benedict - Channel

      • 17 videos
      Steven Benedict is a well-known radio broadcaster, college lecturer, writer, producer, and director of films and documentaries.
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    • yourchonny - Channel

      • 89 videos
      Hey gurls n boys

      Expanding the EMPIRE (chinese empire) lol

      basically this channel focuses on RANTS and PARODIES

      NEW VIDEOS twice a month!

      chonnyluck @ hotmail (dot) co
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    • Laura Cox - Channel

      • 51 videos
      Laura Cox's Official Page

      On my Youtube Channel, you'll find some covers as well as original songs.
      I've been playing guitar since 2005, and I decided to upload videos to share my passion with you!

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    • CineFix - Channel

      • 2,049 videos
      CineFix is the ultimate destination for true movie buffs & filmmakers on YouTube. We are filmmakers, writers, directors, animators and our goal is to entertain, inform and inspire. We provide dynamic
      • CHANNEL
    • mychonny - Channel

      • 50 videos

      what up gee.

      "Immaturity keeps me young" - mychonny
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    • TheFineBros - Channel

      • 811 videos
      Comedy and series from Fine Brothers Entertainment

      Sundays - Teens React, Kids React
      Tuesdays (sometimes) - Other Shows (Last Moments, Emo Dad)
      Thursdays - YouTubers React, Elders React
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    • BenjiManTV - Channel

      • 155 videos
      Do you love eating, cooking and shopping for food? Are you a tea lover? This is a food and tea channel. I love talking about food and tea. Cooking tutorials, Food thoughts, Taste Testing and Tea revie
      • CHANNEL
    • Dim Cook Guide - Channel

      • 90 videos
      超輕鬆煮好 甜品小食
      點 Tea Time:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbsM9POBZ0TVvG74xL3WH0A
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    • Day Day Cook - Channel

      • 1,287 videos

      DayDayCook is the place to find and share authentic Chinese recipes. Our mission is to spread the love for Chinese home cooking to the
      • CHANNEL
    • 煮家男人 Bob's Your Uncle - Channel

      • 113 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • shooterwilliamson - Channel

      • 134 videos
      My name is Alex Williamson and I make shitty little videos that literally nobody watch.

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    • superwog1 - Channel

      • 65 videos
      The home of superwog videos and other various skits. More exclusive Superwog videos at http://www.adultswim.com.au

      For all enquiries contact Century Entertainment at elia@centuryentertainment.com.au
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    • Jazz n' Blues Experience - Channel

      • 2,722 videos
      JazznBluesExperience : Discover the jazz and blues greatest hits !

      Discover our new Christmas Songs Compilation, released on the 25th of November : http://smarturl.it/christmasworld

      For more informa
      • CHANNEL
    • The Chiappas - Channel

      • 70 videos
      Italian flavour. British style. Food, family and life with three Welsh-Italian sisters.

      'Wales and Italy, family and food: for us, these four things are inextricably linked and at the root of our upb
      • CHANNEL
    • David Choi - Channel

      • 231 videos
      I write music, sing songs, play shows, and I love you.
      • CHANNEL
    • Timothy DeLaGhetto - Channel

      • 429 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • Jayesslee - Channel

      • 43 videos
      We are Janice and Sonia, yes we are twins. We're similar, but also different in many ways :)

      We are born and raised in Sydney Australia. Both our parents are Korean, so we are able to read, write an
      • CHANNEL
    • YouTube Rewind - Channel

        It's time to pause, rewind and remember the videos, people and events that defined YouTube in 2014.
        • CHANNEL
      • CinemaSins - Channel

        • 302 videos
        No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.
        New sins videos every Tuesday & Thursday.

        Call the Cinema Sins Hotline to narrate your own sins: 405-459-7466
        Follow us on Twitte
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      • Simon's Cat - Channel

        • 70 videos
        Simon's Cat is an animated series featuring the mischievous and often hilarious antics of a fat white cat and his owner Simon. One of the most popular animated channels on YouTube, this is definitely
        • CHANNEL
      • PointlessBlog - Channel

        • 206 videos
        • CHANNEL
      • JacksGap - Channel

        • 81 videos
        JacksGap is an online blog and video project that was born from a love of travelling and telling a good story. We share our experiences through digital content to inform and inspire others.
        • CHANNEL
      • FailArmy - Channel

        • 210 videos
        FailArmy is the worldwide leader in funny fail videos and compilations. FailArmy releases “fails of the week,” funny pranks, girls fails and compilations featuring all of the web's best fails. Join t
        • CHANNEL
      • KICKTV - Channel

        • 2,643 videos
        Football, soccer, futbol, futebol, calcio... Whatever you call it, KICKTV is YouTube's global headquarters to the beautiful game.

        London to LA, Buenos Aires to Barcelona, KICKTV gets stuck into the
        • CHANNEL
      • Bad Lip Reading - Channel

        • 53 videos
        I put words into other people's mouths.

        Management: 3 Arts Entertainment (310) 888-3200

        My contact email is also in the channel header.
        • CHANNEL
      • RomanAtwood - Channel

        • 214 videos
        Original Pranks to make you Smile More:)

        Contact Roman: RomanAtwood@gmail.com
        • CHANNEL
      • VitalyzdTv - Channel

        • 142 videos
        Russian Dude With A Camera and Some Wonderful Ideas

        Shirts Available Now :)

        Business Inquiries Only:
        • CHANNEL
      • Tyler Oakley - Channel

        • 360 videos
        Subscribe if you want new videos every Tuesday and Friday in your subscription box! :]

        Limited Edition Merch: http://districtlines.com/tyleroakley

        PO Box:
        8391 Beverly Blvd. #193
        Los Angeles, CA 900
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      • Numberphile - Channel

        • 285 videos
        Videos about numbers - it's that simple. Videos by Brady Haran
        • CHANNEL
      • MinutePhysics - Channel

        • 152 videos
        Simply put: cool physics and other sweet science.

        "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
        ~Rutherford via Einstein? (wikiquote)

        Created by Henry Reich
        • CHANNEL
      • Veritasium - Channel

        • 181 videos
        An element of truth - Science and engineering videos

        Contact:veritasium -(at)- gmail .(dot). com
        • CHANNEL
      • Mental Floss - Channel

        • 193 videos
        A weekly series where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information!
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