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  • hahah PAKI and win ... hahahah... once i saw a paki he was drunk in a very uncivilized way... it was comedy pure comedy i am sure for him it was pain in ass but for us it was comedy, so president of china must drunk paki delegate on purpose just to make him laugh ..

    Asif Zardari New Scandal (Drinking Wine)

    Our President and ministers on tour to china drinking Wine.... This is what we call a Muslim leader?
  • i am proud shia.. if sona brother belive Ali was not the first khalifa after prophet mohammad PBUH. then look now.. the follwoer of ALI and abubakr.. ahmadinejad. hassan nasrallah, ali sistani. khamenai, imam khomaine, imam sadr. etc. and compare it with followers of ABUBAKR. king abdullah ( saudi) kind abdullah (jurdon) king of bahrin, imarat, qatar, morocco and all other arab countries. in lebanon saad hariri is represent sona and his sister become christiane, we are all muslim but .....


    Support muslim untity
  • well you must be stupid... Ahmadenejad is 100% winner. when shah was in power he gave the authority of IRAN to USA , ISRAEL, AND UK . now IRAN under ahmadenejad is powerfull that all 5+1 USA, all EU countries come site on table in one side and iran alone in another side, like ( six against one) this shows how powerful and strong is standing now in world. during shah one USA general was comming in iran and could change any thing he wanted including shah,s sister could proudly sleep with USA army

  • happy happy happy... she was hanged like a dirty dog... that was the right punishment for her. those who defend this killer must be crazy and killer. she killed a woman and then slept with her husband for sex simply he was a ex footballer well yes .. you don't feel the pain of those family whose daughter was killed by shahla , she was a killer and now people try to make clips and all idiotic program to justify the crime of a killer. thanks to IRI for hanging her

    The last words of a woman before hanging in Iran

    The last words of a woman hanged in Iran.
    This Video is last words of Shala Jahed via telephone with her relatives on Wednesday 30 November 2010 just a few hours before execution the sentences by h...
  • Why people are so ignorant. first of all congratulation that this bitch was hanged and her dirty face was out of this world. she killed another woman what about that? wasnt that a human? why are you supporting killers? this islamic government is the best and will NOT allow all these crazy to life...

    انسانیت حلق آویز شده شهلا جاهد اعدام شد

    • by 1SeTaRe
    • 3 years ago
    Shahla Jahed (1970 -- 1 December 2010) was an Iranian woman who was sentenced to death in June 2004 for murdering Laleh Saharkhizan, the wife of her boyfriend (under a temporary marriage) on Octobe...
  • ba jorme eshgh varzeidan sangsaresh mikonid??? eeee?!!! khodeton midonid eshghe dar miane shoma javon hay ironi nist harche hast kosss o kirrr bazi hast.. ke police iran khiliam khob kare mikone... hala dige dar website hay sexy donya mitonid rahat sexy ironi ro pid akonid az baski gand zaden shoma kesafata.. badesh ba shero saieree khili khodetono pako tmaiz vanemod mikonid. hame midonan khili kasife o vatanfroshin.. zende bad jomhory islami

    شیوا نظر اهاری را نجات دهیم

    کاش فردا که بیدار شدم، هیچ اراذل و اوباشی زیر تیغ نباشد و هیچ مادری التماس نکند که برای کمک به فرزندش کاری کنم.. کاش کیوان رفیعی بیاید بیرون و با آن دوربینش برویم جلوی اتوبوسرانی و هی عکس بگیرد و ک...
  • baraye to marde vaghye pida nemishe... vasy degaran marde vaghye khili hast... az mast ke bar mast.. chera khodeto malamat nemikone ke pesar hay mardomo mige mard nistan... khob hatman chize nisty ke marde vaghye nemiad donbalett... !!! age mardom az baba o dadashe khodet beporsan khili azashon tarif mikone na?!! lol


    Music video persian- Helen-Marde-Royaie

  • afghan are the original people we had civilization go back to 1000 years.. now our country is destroied but we will build it. we are peace loving people and we love all religious but when we defend our country we should not be marked as terrorist we are proud people and very strong determination with immense tenacity.

    Interview with Afghani Girl on Her Education (1)

    A member of the Afghan Women's Network Youth Committee discusses her extracurriculars and her hopes for her education.
  • MARGG bar hame vatanfroshani ironi ke kosishono be ino on midan.. khahar o madare hame in mokhalefen jomhory islami hamashon zire kiiire mard hay oropay mikhaban o kosishono midan hall mikonan.. vasy in az jomhory islami badeshon miad. badeshon miad ke IRI nemizare ke kosi khahreshon ba kire oropai va arab jer bokhore az in narahtid? hame in kosi hay ironi bad edaa mikonan ma ironi asil hastem.. areh asilen ke kositono seyaho sefid jer mide age asil naboden che mishod..! zendebad jomhory islami

    جاسوسی رژیم در خارج از کشور

    گزارش تلویزیون کانال یک آلمان ARD/Panorama از جاسوسی رژیم در خارج از کشور برای شناسایی مخالفین - ۱۵ اکتبر
    خلاصه ترجمه فیلم:
    در آلمان ۱۲۰،۰۰۰ ایرانی‌ زندگی‌ میکنند، با وجود آزادی بیان در این کشور،...

    "Nasrallah, ...Your head was attached to your body too much"


    Without commenting on the greater c...
  • if he is terrorist then why you released him?!! hahaha.. well people dont release terrorist but this young man is free and stronger..than before.. see the power of Hizbullah no matter what the world call them they are free and strong because they got the power... and Hizbullah is a strong resistance group who are capable of destroying Zionist regime and they will do it... cause the promise what ever Hizbullah promise they will do that is how they operate, jews run away before your dirty ass...

    Captured Hezbollah Interview

    Interview with a Hezbollah terrorist captured by IDF in the operation of BaalBek.
  • well you gay boy if you have had all confidence then why you ran away from klichko brothers? cause you know your little black whole will be fucked hard.... lol

    Haye plans Harrison demolition

    David Haye on his title fight with Audley Harrison and a possible bout with Wladimir Klitschko
  • i want Harrison to win.. i dont know any of these guys but Harrison at least has some manner contrary David haye acts like an annoyed spilled street kids

    David Haye and Audley Harrison USED to be friends (press conference for November 13 fight)

    Further insight into why David Haye and Audley Harrison are no longer friends.. www.globalsportincolour.com
  • AND even with all those power you lost in IRAQ even in military way let alone political. because you are so proud of your machine and weapon. but you dont have man to use those weapon, most of them are either toy boy or gays. imagine those American toy boys and gays face the ferocious revolutionary guard of Iran.lol. news says US military when come back from war have psychological illness yet they only fought saddam weak army, fighting Iran army US army will run from Iran border to New York city

    Iran's 'Ambassador Of Death' (Commentary)

    New TYT Network channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thetopvlog

    New TYT Facebook Page(!):

    Subscribe to the FREE Video Podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/d0zlmP

    Follow us on Twitter: http://twitte...
    • CC

    تهرانجلس (بخش ۲)

    داستان سفر جوان ایرانی‌ به لس آنجلس و ‌دیدار وی با هنرمندان و صاحبان تلویزیون‌های ماهواره‌ای ۲۴ ساعتی‌ ایرانی‌، تلوزیون‌های فرش فروش، کنسرت گذار، کاسه بشقاب و پرچم فروش، و دلالان خوانندگی و کنسرت ...
  • well he is right 100% . there is not any thing called irani islami. islam is a religion spread by Mohammad PBUH. He is ARAB and all most important people in world is ARAB. sayed hassan nasrallah, sayed khamine, imam khomine, moqtada asl sad. and so on although are persian country but are originally arab because are from family of mohammad and son of fatima zahra and imam ali. some idiots in iran claim these false themes and dont know any thing. although most important iranian already denounced.

    Hezbollah Chief Denies Iran's having any Culture apart form Islam جاهل حسن نصراالله

    Hezbollah Chief Denies Iran's having any Culture apart form Islam جاهل حسن نصراالله
    Idiot Sayyed Hassan Nasr allah Iran doesn't have Iranian civilization it has islamic civilization
    Say No to Nas...
  • that is how hizbullah will bet its enemy... we learned how to bet our enemy from IMAM ALI. and we learned how to fight from KARBALLAH AND IMAM HUSSEIN . no one on earth can match our power and courage... all arabs are attacked by USA why USA and zionist dont attack iran? because IRAN is shia and world know fighting with shia mean defeat. IRAN every day tell DEATH to america , AHMADINJEAD SAYS WIPE OUT ISRAEL. no one has the gut to attack iran, all wahabi butter up USA and still get kicked in ASS

    Omar Ali Al-Ghouche Savagely Attacked by Hezbolla in Beirut

    Beirut resident Omar Ali Al-Ghouche describes at the Makassed Hospital how he was savagely beaten by around 50 Hezbollah militants in "Ras El Nabeh" in Beirut!

    المواطن عمر علي الغوش يشرح من مستش...
  • in some of these clips u can see picture of KING FAHAD. WHO is king fahad? what he did to islam,?? compare what he did to USA and israel . who is his allies? islam? or USA? that is king fahad. and why should our sonah brother follow some one like that simply because he is sonnah.. follow what mohammad PBUH told and QURAN. FIGHT ZIONIST NOT MUSLIM, HELP MUSLIM NOT bannk money in US BANKS, SWISS BANK. WAHABI DOES EXACTLY OPPOSITE OF ISLAM.

    7araket amal & hezboullah (bi tari2 l jdide)

    neykin 2e5te siniye bi tari2 l jdideeee ..... allaa w berree w nasrallaaa w chi3aa kelaa (h)
  • is there any wahabi who fought zionist? yes osama bin laden well is not fighting he is hidding like mouse in mountain whole in afghanistan. all wahabi does is to fight another muslim... from the begining of islam till now there has been this reverted and ill educated group and destroy islam and muslimin.. osama bin laden dont fight israel in palastin but come in afghansitan and fight other muslim northern alies who are muslim. this is logic of wahabi.

    Ijram 7 Ayyar 2008 Part 2

    • by siyese
    • 5 years ago
    Al zikra al sanawiyya al 2oula li a7dath 7 ayyar 2008 al 2irhabiyya
  • no i know she is afghan and she is a true bitch look the way she is dancing she is afghan and she is az kon dewana ast...

    Morwari Danan Dana

    afghan songs
  • hahaha.... in dokhtare divone hassttt.... che ada ha dar miaree.. dokhtar hay irani beshtarin shon marize ravani daran... hahaha

    Susan Roshan - Dokhtare Mashreghi (Koli) | سوزان روشن - دختر مشرقی

    Susan Roshan Persian Music, Susan Roshan Old Songs, Susan Roshan Love Songs, Susan Roshan Best Songs, Su...
  • hahahaha.. kiram to kusi nanat.... kire harche afghanisa dar kosi nanattttt

    Hichkas feat javad razavian - Hengame REMIX BY SAMETBAX_FUN

    Just laugh at it !!! ;)
  • moshkile ma sharghi ha hamin hast ke taghlide kor korane mikonem. in khanom 40 sal beshtare senesh act va adahaye singer 19 sale ro dar miare... faghat dide to TV Ke yek popsinger khob mikhnone ya pahasho move mikone inam mesli on.. heykale in daghighan mige ke abgosht khorde, ba ghorme sabze.. hahaha

    Hengame - Arteshe solh - Nemikham Bebinamet

    Hengame - Arteshe solh - Nemikham Bebinamet
  • tarakhtooorrr beshe....

    hich kass TABRIZ

    • by Ali G
    • 6 years ago
    hich kass TABRIZ
  • haha.. man afghanam va ba afghan bodanam va ghirate bodam eftekhar mikonam. ama irani ha hich vaght nemitone racist bashe.. racist hitlet bod ke be hame migoft to kamtar az mane. ama irani ha faghat be on melat hay mige kamtar az mani ke mazloman mesli afghani, iraqi hich vaght irani nemitone be oropai ya amricay raciste sho neshon bede balke khili jolo amricay va oropai ha haghir va ziaf khodeshono neshon midan, ingar khili adam hay najiban ama na vaghan mardomani kasife hastan irnai ha.

    1-ci Tabriz 22 May 2007 Against Persian Racism AMH Turkculer

    • by UrmuLu
    • 6 years ago
    Turk iranturk Turkiran Azerbaycan Urmu Tebriz Guney Azerbaycan
  • Gomshen hame shoma khain ha vatan froshan,,, bered zan hayton ro beehshon berasid, va dokhtaratono nazared bf amricay begiran va zire ino on nakhabe shoma ro che be edare melat va hokomat. iran ra faghat velayate faghie mitone edare kone na vatan froshan va mazdorani amricay va zionisty.

    Ahmadinejad Dastbosi

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Dastbosi
  • bare turkish? hahah... inghadr dokhtare tabrizi ro man kardam ke hichi bani adam nakarde... va dadash hashon ham midonist ke ba kahharesh bazi mikonam. kojash brave hast..?? boro bebinam !!1

    کلاس جبر 1 دکتر آقاپور - دانشگاه اراک

    اين فيلم يک يادگاري از کلاس جبر 1 دکتر آقاپور در دانشگاه اراک است.
  • she does not have any charm at all look like prostitute and those girls working in disco ... she is cheap not respect and her song is full of drum and dum there is not music in it.. a DJ can do better than her. get lost bitchy mahsa.. oh how many time did u do operation.???

    Mahsa: Mikham Biyam be Didanet

    This is Mahsa's latest Music Video.
    Directed by: Ramin Oladi & Behdad Kamvari

    Music: Yaser Mahmoudi
    Lyrics: Amin Bamshad
  • where can i find the poem of this ghazal? please suggest me...

    main talkhiye hayat se ghabra k pee gya ( nusrat fateh ali khan )

    great song by nusrat sahib
  • ahange khili ziba, khanade khili ziba, shere khili ziba, va acting khili ziba khili sade va khili khanom. dar in ahang hame zibay ha ra adam mebine... man ashighe shakila hastam, vaghan ahnag hay delnishin va roh angiz mikhane. mosic e vaghy hamine na in jadide ha..... ke faghat dar music shon seday topo tank nist vali hame chie dige hast.

    Shakila - Ghome Be Haj Rafteh | شکیلا - قوم به حج رفته

    Shakila Old Songs, Shakila Love Songs, Shakila Music, Shakila 2011, Shakila 2012
    Persian Music
  • ok be dost pesaret hablet ke behesh kon midade ham sale noo tabrik begoo.. areh bad miad to ham khili shekamet badd dare,, yadete ke az kon mikardamid badet miomad beron/? to hamishe be badd sare kar dare... hich khanomi moghe kos o kon dadan inghadr bad azash kharej nemishe ke az to mishe... sale no mobarak lol

    mahnaz j happy noruz

    Happy persian new year frpm new york
  • He was the only pashton who really was thinking about Afghanistan NOT his tribe ..

    Dr. Najibullah, the former president of Afghanistan

    President Dr. Najibullah responding to the journalists in a press conference following the general sumit of the Non-alignment movement in Bilgrade - 1989
  • Now a day any stupid can claim he is comedian and can gather some retard like himself around him as audience.... is he really funny?!! NOT AT ALL ... the most embarrassing thing is that when some one try to be funny but he is actually not funny at all. and he is one of those guys... hahaha get lost ahmad

    "LA Girls" - Ahmed Ahmed - Comics Without Borders

    Ahmed Ahmed's hilarious take on the women of Los Angeles. This clip is taken from the Showtime series, Comics Without Borders. OUT ON DVD NOW! http://bit.ly/ComicsWOBorders
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