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Jase Wolf

Don't judge someone who self harms - Self Harm Awarness - Think before you speak

113 views 5 months ago
Unless you know what it is like to wake up in the middle of the night scared at the thought of kissing razors, do not judge someone who self harms.

(I am going to make a blooper video soon, because each and every time I record myself reading out loud, It takes me hours of trying over and over again and this is the first one in which I've managed to do all in one go haha, although I still have needed to remove some stuttering haha. And when I make mistakes I do tend to make weird noises so I decided to keep them instead of deleting because one my friends said "this I would like to see", so I'm guessing others might be wanting to too haha) Show less
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Do you think suicide is an easy way out to end your pain? Well it isn't! It is a Sin and will only eliminate your chances of EVER ending your pain.

I know most of you want to keep the fact you want to die as a secret as I have been through almost the same kind of stage last year (2012) and I didn't want to tell anyone, but ever since I met my BFFs (Emma, Khalid, and now Mariam), they've turned my life around, and at the same time have entirely turned around the way I look at life too.

Before I used to think that life was just a slow miserable way to die, and if I couldn't be happy in life I didn't wanna be here at all, but my BFFs made me realise that life is worth living, and that living life is the best way to die. What ever is causing you to self harm yourself or have suicidal thoughts/depression right now, it WILL NOT effect your whole life, but trying to kill yourself is going to waste down the drain the rest your life and abolish the chance of anything ever getting better.

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