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Joshuasim Ip

  • Murraythis - Channel

    • 31 videos
    Junior Animator at Ninja Theory, former shelf stacker.

    I'm still a beginner myself, but feel free to message me in regards to starting animation and I'll do my best to help you out (may take a little
  • NightHalo - Channel

    • 154 videos
    I'm a poor SFM animator, I'm done with animating. This is a dead channel. That is all.
  • Salty Phish - Channel

    • 62 videos
    Hello everyone, I am a person who makes videos about scrub lords doing scrub lordish things. Hopefully you will come to enjoy my scrub lord ways as I embark on the journey that is Youtube. Thank you f
  • Dr. Face - Channel

    • 228 videos
    In Memory of Kitty0706.

    When I first spoke to you I was shaking inside because your videos had become part of my childhood and inspired much of my own work on this channel. And though I wish we woul
  • BucketPlanks - Channel

    • 23 videos
    Hello there, I'm glad you found my channel! Welcome, I'm BucketPlanks and I am a Minecraft Machinima Creator
    (Machinima is the use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic product
  • BoredGamer - Channel

    • 703 videos
    Boredgamer bringing you the best in gaming, geek culture, news & entertainment.
    Star Citizen, Arena Commander, Gaming Videos, Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality, Star Citizen News, Star Cit
  • StarWarsFollower - Channel

    • 5 videos
    A Star Wars based media platform covering the latest news and information on the upcoming Star Wars titles daily.
  • James McVinnie - Channel

    • 24 videos
    AAA and independent game dev. Mainly working on cinematics. I've done work for companies such as Bioware and Valve.

    For business enquiries please send a YouTube message.
  • ASC3K - Channel

    • 63 videos
    Welcome To The Official YouTube Page Of ASC3K! I am a Minecraft machinima maker and I make
    Minecraft machinimas, epic, action, funny clips, including trolling Minecraft skits!

    I upload new videos ev
  • NetherBlocked - Channel

    • 45 videos
    Hello :D

    I'm NetherBlocked and I make trolling, funny and random Minecraft Machinimas!

    Don't miss a video of mine by subscribing on my channel! I upload weekly on Saturday or Sunday.

    Minecraft nam
  • Evan Royalty - Channel

    • 97 videos
    We produce all types of machinima entertainment!


    It took over three years to develop Prism Studios. We weren't posting videos for most of this time because it took a lon
  • World of Tanks - Channel

    • 535 videos
    World of Tanks is the premiere online game featuring tanks and armored vehicles from the early-to-mid 20th century. The game is a perfect mix of explosive action and deep tactical strategy with over 1
  • ASUS - Channel

    • 638 videos
    ASUS is a worldwide top-three consumer notebook vendor and maker of the world's best-selling, most award-winning, motherboards. A leading enterprise in the new digital era, ASUS designs and manufactur
  • ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) - Channel

    • 39 videos
    The Official YouTube channel for the ASUS Republic of Gamers.

    The Republic of Gamers is committed to delivering the most innovative and best performing PC solutions to enhance the gaming experience o
  • Techquickie - Channel

    • 171 videos
    Learn about the latest cool technology in only a couple minutes!

    Hosted by Linus Sebastian
  • JayzTwoCents - Channel

    • 508 videos
    Your one stop place to shop for fun and educational videos on all things tech! Oh, and don't forget gaming! Gotta make time for gaming!
  • Newegg TV - Channel

    • 2,402 videos
    Where all the geeks shop for their tech toys!
    Newegg is the leading electronics-focused e-retailer in the United States. Founded in 2001, we have more than 18 million registered users and regularly ea
  • DIY Tryin - Channel

    • 57 videos
    DIY Tryin is a weekly, hands-on adventure in do-it-yourself and do it with others. Hosted by Patrick Norton and Michael Hand, whether it's experimenting with cronuts in the kitchen, welding up a bombp
  • StarCitizen - Channel

    • 473 videos
    Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, is back and he's bringing PC gaming with him! Pledge your support for his new game Star Citizen.
  • Music Video Sins - Channel

    • 32 videos
    We like music, but that doesn't mean we always like the videos that go with the songs.

    Check back every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY for new videos.

    Follow us on Twitter @MusicVideoSins

  • FPSGeneral - Channel

    • 667 videos
    Bringing you the ultimate resource in first- and third-person shooters. Videos, guides, walkthroughs and the latest trailers for all of the shooters you love in one place.
  • Sleepless Knights Studios - Channel

    • 1,504 videos
    Sleepless Knights Studios is a recently created production studio that focuses on a broad array of venues. We make anything from music, novels, video games, game commentaries, YouTube video series, no
  • #Nvidia - Channel

      Nvidia Corporation is an American worldwide technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Nvidia manufactures graphics processing units, as well as system-on-a-chip units for the mobile computi
      • CHANNEL
    • #Asus - Channel

        ASUSTeK Computer Inc., usually referred to as ASUS and in Chinese Huáshuò, and trading under that name, is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou D
        • CHANNEL
      • Hot Wheels - Channel

        • 714 videos
        Team Hot Wheels is comprised of the most fearless and skillful drivers in the world. Hand-picked for their incredible automotive abilities, the drivers are recruited to test the most advanced vehicles
        • CHANNEL
      • joschua mueller - Channel

        • 20 videos
        Just a random Person who likes PLanes... I can also be seen in the channel: DeGuoRen
        • CHANNEL
      • BradM73 - Channel

        • 648 videos
        • CHANNEL
      • Space Engineers, Collision Course! (Joint Survival S3, Ep #2) - Duration: 22 minutes.

        • 3 months ago
        Season 3 of Joint Survival continues, and only in our first episode, Tazoo is carrying on the tradition of getting himself killed time and time again on apparently pointless tasks! Also, I'm still ...
      • Marlin the Elite - Episode 97: Battleground - Duration: 17 minutes.

        • 4 weeks ago
        The ninety-seventh episode of Marlin the Elite: Cotton Swab shows Marlin around the new SWAB Team facilities, but their tour is cut short by an unexpected foe.

        Hope everyone enjo...
      • NCIXcom - Channel

        • 1,330 videos
        Official Channel - Reviews & Tutorials
        • CHANNEL
      • LinusTechTips - Channel

        • 2,788 videos
        PC Hardware Unboxings & Reviews - Business inquiries only. All others will be ignored.
        • CHANNEL
      • Smosh - Channel

        • 483 videos
        New video every Friday. Make sure you also check out our 2nd Channel for 2 bonus videos every week!

        Contact Us:
        • CHANNEL
      • Markiplier - Channel

        • 2,265 videos
        Welcome to Markiplier! Here you'll find some hilarious gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other various bits of entertainment! If this sounds like your kind of channel the
        • CHANNEL
      • Ellen DeGeneres Singing Birthday by Katy Perry - Duration: 89 seconds.

        • 10 months ago
        Ellen called me a few weeks ago with an idea. Here's the master herself, singing Birthday by Katy Perry.

        Watch what she has to say about it here:

        Like ...
      • Barack Obama Singing Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson (ft. Bruno Mars) - Duration: 76 seconds.

        • 2 months ago
        After blowing the roof at last week's State of the Union, Obama shows us yet again he's too hot for us. Don't believe me? Just watch.

        A couple things to tell you all. Read on!:

        1. I know I promis...
      • #SISrocks G8 Uptown Funk - Duration: 4 minutes, 31 seconds.

        • 1 month ago
        Really stoked to have my students finish this assignment. It was something I dreamed up while wondering how I could get my students to Choreograph their own dance. This is the result of 3 days of w...
      • Mark Knudsen - Channel

        • 16 videos
        I am a passionate professional educator. My expertise lies in Life Skills (Health) and Physical Education. Currently working with students in Shenzhen, China at Shekou International School and LOVING
        • CHANNEL
      • baracksdubs - Channel

        • 29 videos
        I put words in people's mouths. baracksdubs mashes together presidential speeches to the tune of popular music, based on fan requests. If the president sings it, it's a worthy song. Have a suggestion
        • CHANNEL
      • SSundee - Channel

        • 930 videos
        You will find funny Minecraft videos here! Subscribe if you laugh! lol I yell a lot.

        Minecraft Videos:
        - Modded Minecraft
        - Mod Reviews
        - Minecraft Competitions

        I also play random games from time to
        • CHANNEL
      • Dig Build Live - Channel

        • 18 videos
        A new animated series and other Minecraft hullabaloo.
        • CHANNEL
      • SubZero & Sk3tch - Channel

        • 35 videos
        Business Email: -scroll down-
        Minecraft Name: SubZeroExtabyte

        Join my network!
        Welcome to my channel! Im SubZe
        • CHANNEL
      • CaptainSparklez - Channel

        • 2,265 videos
        Let's plays, animations, music videos, and other video game related stuff. Stick around and enjoy the show!
        • CHANNEL
      • Vikkstar123HD - Minecraft - Channel

        • 2,495 videos
        I'm Vikkstar and this is my Minecraft Channel where I will be uploading Minecraft videos daily mostly with The Pack!

        Business Contact: vikbarn(at)

        My FPS Channel:
        • CHANNEL
      • iHasCupquake - Channel

        • 2,873 videos
        Welcome to the channel! Here you will find my gaming adventures, fun geeky baking and DIY videos, all things creative and artsy, and anything I find interesting! I am a true geek at heart and love to
        • CHANNEL
      • PhireFoxRBLX - Weekly ROBLOX Videos - Channel

        • 126 videos
        Hi! I'm Joshua Simon. I make what I believe to be high quality ROBLOX videos, and it's pretty much all I have got to my name, so excuse me for being so proud about it. This channel is basically my exi
        • CHANNEL
      • Adamcontrolx - Channel

        • 5 videos
        Hello, and welcome to me channel! I make Roblox videos. I enjoy making music videos, comedy videos/skits and much much more. If you wanna help out then please, please subscribe and share my videos wit
        • CHANNEL
      • Most Expensive Tanks In The World Top 10 2013 Updated - Duration: 3 minutes, 45 seconds.

        • 1 year ago
        Most Expensive Tanks In The World Top 10

        10. T90, Russia -- $2.23 million

        9. ZTZ-99, China -- $2.5 million

        8. Arjun, India -- $3.8 million

        7. Leopard 2, Germany -- $4.5 million

        6. Merkava, Is...
      • The invisible tank PL-01 unveiled - Duration: 67 seconds.

        • 1 year ago
        Originally published on November 28, 2013

        Obrum, part of Poland Defence Holdings, has revealed its latest product, the Tank PL-01 CONCEPT at the MSPO 2013 defence exhibition. In cooperation with ...
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