• Wolfie's Just Fine - A New Beginning (Official Music Video)

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    Wolfie's Just Fine is me, Jon Lajoie making music that doesn't necessarily have any punchlines (at least not intentionally). I sincerely hope at least a few of you enjoy it. If you’re not digging this stuff, I totally get it. Fear not, there will be more comedy under the “Jon Lajoie” banner soon!


    Written, directed, and edited by Jon Lajoie
    Co-directed by Brandon Dermer
    Produced by Ray Blanco
    Executive Produced by Djay Brawner & Blake Greenbaum
    Production Company: Anthem Films

    Gabriel Bateman as The Boy
    Andrew Fox as The Boy's Brother
    Bodie Neme as Sebastien
    Leah Kilpatrick as The Woman
    David Rispoli as The Boyfriend
    Frederick Lawrence as The Murderer

    Executive Assistant Abigail West
    Executive Producer Blake Greenbaum
    Head of Production Derek Dale
    General Manager Nicole Swedlow
    1st AD Sam Shapson
    KEY PA Rion Fisher
    Production Assistant Joan Gallagher
    Production Assistant David Moore

    Director Of Photography Wojciech Kielar
    1st AC Chuck Shwartzbeck
    2nd AC Dom Jones
    DIT Day One Jacqueline Lehr
    DIT Day Two Jorge Gomez

    Production Designer Justin McClain
    Art Director Jake Solano
    Asst Art Director Melissa Gamez
    Set Dresser / Truck Driver Bill Peterson
    Art PA Hannah Olsen
    Set Dresser - SUNDAY ONLY John Craighead
    Gaffer Kyle Fallon
    Key Grip Ely Gonzalez
    G&E Swing Driver Aaron Pong

    Make Up Artist Lili Kaytmaz
    MUA asst Sunny Drissia

    Wardrobe Stylist Daniel Selon

    DIT and Assistant Editor Andrew Wilsak
    Color: Ryan K McNeil
    BTS Gabriel Younes Mostra meno
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