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  • Agnetha Fältskog Försonade ( Reconciled ) ( 1968 )

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    Agnetha Fältskog " Försonade " (Reconciled ) ( 1968 )
    "Agnetha Fältskog" was the debut album by Swedish pop singer and ABBA member Agnetha Fältskog. The album was released on the Cupol label in Sweden in early 1968.
    Agnetha had been singing with the local Swedish "dansband" Bengt Engharts in Jönköping for quite a while when the band in the Autumn of 1967 decided to send a tape of demos to the record-company Cupol. Singer, producer and A & R man Little Gerhard ( Karl-Gerhard Lundqvist) listened to the tape and happened to notice that besides the band's demos there was also a young girl singing - on the flipside of the tape, backwards. He played it the other way round and heard "Jag var så kär" for the first time. Lundqvist was so impressed with the song and Fältskog's voice that he phoned her up at the car firm where she was working at the time and offered her a recording contract - only as a solo singer, without the band.
    "Jag Var Så Kär" - in fact the B-side of debut single "Följ Med Mig" - became Fältskog's first entry and also number one on the all-important radio chart Svensktoppen in January of 1968. After the following success of the tracks "Utan dej, mitt liv går vidare", "Allting har förändrat sig", "Den jag väntat på" and "Snövit och de sju dvärgarna", most of them composed by Fältskog herself, Cupol released her debut album in the Spring of 1968, containing all tracks previously issued on these singles as well as a few new recordings.

    (Agnetha Fältskog)

    Var inte ledsen, le lite grann
    Du har väl redan förlåtit mig, eller hur
    Ta nu min hand och krama den hårt
    Du vinner ingenting på att vara tvär.

    Låt mig få viska hur mycket jag tycker om dig än
    Låt mig förklara för dig att jag har dig kär
    Ge mig din hand nu, ge mig din kärlek
    Ta mig i famnen igen.

    Förlåt, förlåt,
    Jag är din, bara din
    Kom närmre mig
    Förlåt, förlåt!

    Det var nog dumt, alltsammans jag sa
    Det är så lätt, alla gör vi våra fel
    Men den försoningskyss ska nu få
    Göra att jag känner att nu lyckan jag når.

    Kom nu och låt oss tillsammans få höra fåglars sång
    Ta mig i famnen och säg att du har mig kär
    Allt det vi drömde, så kär, jag gömde
    Allt är förlåtet igen.

    Du tar min hand och du trycker den ömt
    Och sen är hela grälet glömt.

    " Reconciled "
    (Agnetha Fältskog)

    Do not be sad, smile a little
    You've probably already forgiven me, or how
    Now take my hand and squeeze it hard
    You win nothing to be cross.

    Let me whisper how much I think about you than
    Let me explain to you that I love thee
    Give me your hand now, give me your love
    Take me in your arms again.

    Sorry, sorry,
    I'm yours, just yours
    Come closer to me
    Sorry, sorry!

    It was probably stupid, everything I said
    It is so easy, we all make our mistakes
    But the reconciliation kiss will now make
    Do I feel now I reach happiness.

    Come and let us together to hear birds singing
    Take me in your arms and tell me you love me
    All that we dreamed, dear, I hid
    All is forgiven again.

    You take my hand and pressing it tenderly
    And then the whole quarrel forgotten. Show less
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