• Video Response To: Circumcision Rates in the US: Rising or Falling?

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    This video is a response to Brian Morris' video "Circumcision Rates in the US: Rising or Falling? " on the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/wat......

    Brian Morris, the Mayo Clinic, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and in general all the people and institutions promoting infant circumcision, skip over the most important question of all, the ethics of removing normal healthy genital tissue from a person who cannot provide informed consent.

    To skip around this issue, they will say that it is a decision like many other decisions that parents take, that it is a parental right, and in some cases they will go to great lenghts to try to prove that there are no harmful effects. Such is the case of Brian Morris meta analysis from last year, where he dismissed all the studies that show harmful sexual effects, by grading them as low quality, and promoted only those that showed no harmful effect even if they suffered of obvious methodological flaws. That paper is one of the refences in this new study, as Brian Morris loves to quote his own previous papers.

    But this is the important thing. When we are dealing with any normal and healthy part of a child's body which does not represent an immediate threat to the child's health, it doesn't matter whether I think that this part has value or not, it doesn't matter what Brian Morris thinks, or the Mayo clinic, or the doctor, or the pope, or the rabbi, or the priest, or momma, or daddy, or granny... The only person who can tell if this or that or any other part of the body is of value, is the person who owns that part of the body, and only when that person has the maturity and capacity to evaluate and decide. That is the ethical way.

    Circumcision is not a vaccine. It is amputation of normal healthy tissue with sexual functions. Every child deserves to grow with intact genitals. Show less
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