Hey welcome to my channel!

Hey welcome to my channel!

My name is Alex and as you can tell I play the guitar and sometimes piano too so I am uploading  videos of me playing diffent songs which I hope you like. I don't upload videos too often unfrotunately because I may not find a song that I actually want to upload of me playing it and when I find it, I practice the song too many times before upload them in YouTube because I prefer do every cover as well as I possibly can and give my best to you guys.
Thank you so much for watching my videos and for visit my channel. Feel free to suscribe or leave a coment or ask me anything you want about my guitars, amplifier, or if you want to request any song leave a comment in my channel or send me a message.

I don't intend copyright infringement with ANY of my videos. I just use the original songs from my own iTunes (or iPod Touch) as a backing track to play over and record me with the song.
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