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GO Go Godzilla - Planet SPLAT 2014- Humor Horror... the summer madness starts here......

467 views 1 year ago
Planet SPLAT - Humor and Horror - watch original wild weird videos from PLANET SPLAT. College Humor meets the Wacky World, funny and strange, silly and wild, different and crazy... watch animation, film shorts, gags, comedy for the masses.

PLANET SPLAT good fun for the World. Hold onto your Eyeballs, this is YouTube-sensational! GREAT funny stuff MONSTER MADNESS CARTOON GODZILLA COMIC CRAZY HUMOR

Must see Godzilla 2014. Promise you will not burn your eyes on the wild weird cartoon fun on SPLAT. Nude girls please write us and send photos..... nude guys, put your clothes on.

SPLAT TV so weird it makes no sense. Still good crazy fun... cartoon, shorts, humor and horror. All the time FREE. All the time on YoouTube. Subscribe to Planet SPLAT on YOUTUBE Watch Free crazy stuff.

MAD Tv, Crazy, Cracked.. got nothing on GODZILLA 2014. The king of monster is back, see the 2014 summer blockbuster first. Full Movie Godzilla 2014. Trailer be damned.... Godziila fun on SPLAT TV Show less
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Halloween SPLAT - Witches, Monsters, Zombies Party ON Play

HALLOWEEN Heaven as Creepy Weird short Splat Animations take over your nightmares. Animations and Films filled with blood, guts, sex, lust, death, greed and murder. Rated for All with a stomach for gore and craziness.

Halloween Wild Party, Halloween Naked Minds, Halloween Devils, Halloween crazy like the devil, Halloween silly.... enjoy the party this ALL SAINTS DAY! May the Witches Be With You!

See "Rise of the Planet of the APES", a Witch stealing a living heart, Killer Rocks, The DEAD Detective rise from the grave, super Star Wars, and more. Abstract Art that will have you thinking you have been smoking something wild. Ohya party with Dark SPLAT. BlackComedy, Dark Films, Goth Characters, Blood, Sexy Women and Lust for laughs.

Planet Splat / All American Splat / Super Splat / Splat Attack

Wild Weird Wicked - Splat Cartoons Play

SPLAT animation - fast fun and freaky, these animations shorts are long on strange silliness. Hold on to your Eyeballs and watch SPLAT Animations. Short Videos for the masses. Warning: do not watch more then twenty-nine times. You could become addicted. Splat is not responsible for urges to pick your nose while watching. Never eat dog crap before viewing.

SPLAT strange :-)

CRazy CarToons - Naughty Funny - TRIPLE XXX Splat Play

Crazy Cartoons - cartoons your Mother doesn't want you to see. Sexy, Naughty, Wacky and Weird--- these cartoons are for your eyes only. Fun for the naughty in you. Triple XXX - the eXtra special, eXtra wild, eXtra fun.... Triple XXX SPLAT.

Joy and Love as the TWO TON TIT Attacks. This monster tit is on the loose. No one is safe. SEE Godzilla take on the TWO TON TIT. Holy Big Breast! Godzilla is out of control in this silly short animation. WITNESS a young man smoking weed. He smokes the refer and the world gets real small, so small it all fades away. Join the party, roll a fat one and watch. SEE the DEAD DETECTIVE. This anti-hero is a zombie on the hunt for blood. The Dead Detective will not rest until the greedy are destroy. Money will not save them. TAKE A LOOK, HOT GIRL LICK... these girls know how to have fun, watch as these hot girls lick ice cream. You bring the cream, they will lick it up. WATCH the DEVIL ANGELS as they fly down from the desert sky. Strange, weird, wild --- the Hell Pilots have escaped from HELL.

SPLAT Triple XXX - Weird, Wild, Crazy Animation Shorts from SPLAT. Crazy Cartoons for a crazy world. Short and Fun. Quickies for Instant Fun - Triple XXX Splat.
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