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    On the 6th episode of I.M.B.T.D., -C- sings a song and gives a speech for Trans Day of Remembrance (Resilience) at Toronto's LGBTQ centre, The 519, and encourages everyone to say the names of Trans Women of Colour after they are gone, but most importantly while they are alive.



    TRANS POWER (original speech)

    I never dreamt of being a transgender woman. I never even dreamt of being a cisgender woman. I always dreamt of being a transvestite, a revolutionary, a Queen.

    Because when a Queen was angry "Hell hath no fury", and my Queen Silvia Rivera was furious and am I ever furious too! Because I've also "worked hard to be discriminated against as a lesbian" like Leslie Feinberg and ain't I a dyke too! Because my mother was a whore, a crazy woman and she was proud of it. She'd say "I may be crazy but that don't mean I'm wrong". My mother, Marsha P. Johnson, was beautiful. I always wanted to be a crazy transvestite whore like my mother, I always wanted to be a woman like her too.

    Let's not be ashamed of where we come from. Not from reality TV shows, not from cable dramas. Our transcestors were queens and butches. We are the children of their revolution, we are their dreams come true, we are living proof their blood was not spilled in vain, and I'm also ready to pay with my blood for my freedom if that's what it takes! Because I am a transgender woman, and I'll add 'of colour' just to make it a little bit more dangerous. Because I still refuse to bow to the world, the world bows to me. Because there was never a more beautiful person I saw than when I finally saw me.

    Have you reminded someone today they are beautiful? Look at the person right next to you, aren't they beautiful? Why don't you tell them? Go! Now, look inside yourself. Have you reminded yourself today you are beautiful? Go ahead, say it!

    I am beautiful!

    As transgender people, we walk a rocky path towards discovering and acknowledging our inner beauty; we encounter ourselves multiple times in situations which attempt to make us forget our worth and value. Do you remember the times you have been denied services and access to spaces readily available to others? The times you have been carded by the police because you 'fit the profile' of a person they were looking for? The times when you have been stared at, laughed at, called names, sometimes even confronted simply for walking freely on the street being yourself? And you are supposed to take it silently because doing otherwise would justify what some are still trying to make everyone else believe: that we are crazy.

    But not today.

    Today I am beautiful and I'll repeat it as many times as my heart needs to hear it. And I encourage you to do the same. Because you are the first person who has to remind yourself that you are loved, because when you truly love yourself you can truly love others.

    Today, we remember those who have been taken away from us. But let's also remember those who are still among us: the transgender, the 2 spirited, the intersex, the non-binary, the gender non conforming people who are still fighting, existing, resisting. That is how we can truly honour those who are gone: by learning the names of those of us who are still here, by saying each other's names out loud when we succeed, by saying them even louder when one of us needs help.

    We are strong people, stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Let's be proud of how powerful we are, let's help each other to be as powerful as we can be.

    Learn. Inspire. Empower!
    Trans power!


    Trans post-rock performance artist -C-
    Ambient / Ethereal / Experimental
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