• Broken yet holding on..

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    I wanted to make a full mmv/video of this, but NOPeNOPE SV decline me. :$

    as you may knowww,w, I don't like schoolwork. OTZ

    Once there was a family. A family breaking apart. Their daughter tries to bring them back together because she doesn't want to face their fake smiles and the dead atmosphere around them.. The little girl holds on even though she's broken deep inside. Everyday she gives a present to her parents, reminding them why they married each other. why they were so loved and now.. its all gone. However, all of her attempts failed. She tries over and over again, just to see them happy.

    One day, she decided to go to a creek near her house to come up with ideas of what she should give to her parents. The creek was filled with life. Filled with happiness she thought... The little girl saw a group of froggies and somehow grew jealous. She started drawing a picture. A picture of her family, happy.. together. When it was time to give the present to her parents, she starts to think that the picture isn't good enough and rips it apart. However... after feeling guilty for awhile, she taped it back together. The little girl left the picture on the table, hoping that they will see it..and finally realize the true meaning of "family"
    Her parents were fighting but found the picture. They teared up and hugged each other. The little girl thought that they would reunite at last...but she was wrong. Suite cases were all packed up. He's only going on vacation...right?... Or so she thought, denying the fact that her parents are divorcing.
    But..its...too late. She hugged her father tight, with tears swimming down her cheeks. Her eyes pleading, "Please don't go daddy."

    A few months passed since their departure.. The little girl decided to go to the creek again. To weep alone.. When she walked out the door, there was a man with her mother. "Daddy! You're back!" she cried.. But it wasn't her dad. It was a man with hazel eyes, short brown hair, ETCETC.
    The little girl disaproves of him and snaps. She ran to the creek, letting her tears drown her face. The "step-father" was liek. "wha da fudge" and begins to have a grudge with the little girl. Because of that, he often abused her whenever he got the chance. (The mother got really busy and couldn't be there to witness it) Then he would lock her up in her own room.
    After 2-3 years passed, the girl walks up to the creek wearing a dress. She held a small picture of her "used-to-be-family" and a letter. A letter of what her step-dad had done to her. She placed the letter near the tree and slowly dipped her feet. (HEY THAT RYTHMES) Little by little, she began sinking her whole body in. Slowly, she drowns and died in peace.


    Blush - Onemoonlitrose
    Crayon -xanimexmangaxloverx
    Grass - xpwahaha
    Picture frame - aznpinayswag
    GIF @ the end - http://yourblueheaven.tumbl... :$ :$ :$

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