• Cue-B x A.T. (Asian Tony) - You Mad Bro? - One Take Contest V.1

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    Cue-B x A.T.'s entry to Futuristic's One Take Rap Contest



    (Verse One) (Cue-B)
    •C-u-e to the dash B, yep that's me. Better recognize.
    •You effin' guys can't match this. Yet another point I gotta emphasize.
    •Jeoprodizin' yo reputation. Self-defamation wit yo attempt.
    •First place in this contest son. Takin' nuttin' less, that's our intent.

    •You mad bro? Why you actin' like that fo?
    •I'm a asshole and you fags know there's no competition with the way in spittin'. I tag toes.
    •Rambo wit these damn flows. Quit frontin' fam, you a Stan yo.
    •I get up in the booth and I massacre wit these words worse than Orlando.

    •It's mando that we take the crown. I ain't even trippin' on two thou.
    •I'm more concerned wit exposure, sayin' I told ya to those who do doubt.
    •My crew bout this rap shit bitch to the maximum, it's no hobby.
    •I'm in the stu and I'm working hard while ya squad mob to a party.

    •We bodied this one take and haters gon say that it's photoshop.
    •This here got these shook ones under pressure like a soda pop.
    •Aimin' fo the top. We number one, no Views.
    •Quit sleepin' on the kid. Cut it! wit the snooze. CUE!

    (Verse Two) (A.T.)
    Is you mad bro?? I ain't gonna sugarcoat nothin' for you, imma be an ASSHOLE!
    When it comes to the rap, I'm a natural;
    And I've come to attack your little whack flows; You ain't that dope, You need ta chill; Frontin' and fakin' to everybody that you're real?? You ain't nothin'! My flow's disgusting, trust me. Take a whiff of my shit; they like, ("peeeeewwwww!!")
    I swear the game's been infiltrated by a shit ton of these whack rappers;
    I plan a hit like the mafia,
    click-clack, and straight whack rappers!
    Y'all soundin' lame, y'all sound the same!
    How the fuck are y'all around the game?!
    All of them, just follow trends,
    So we gotta put whomever's got the crown to shame! My shits changed, I'm just sayin, I ain't livin' in no gutter bro;
    Yo spit game like yo kick game, I take a look down... WHAT ARE THOSE??!!
    What the fuck can you say? Shiiiit...
    The same ol' cliché shit?? That's basic.
    I create shit; like god, and finish by day six. Show less
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