• SHIT PSY (싸이) SAYS

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    Gangnam Style 강남스타일
    Gentleman 젠틀맨
    Right Now 롸잇 나우
    Bird 새
    Champion 챔피언

    Hey Sexy Lady
    Damn girl
    Gonna Make You Sweat, gonna make you wet
    You ready
    Psycho world
    We like we we we like party hey
    I'm a party mafia
    Good feeling
    Oppa Gangnam

    He lies back on the bench in a sleeping position with his grey suit, black shoes, blue slacks, white dress shirt, black glasses in front of a Korean barbecue Restaurant. Few moments later, a girl with a black dress with a silver heart necklace comes over and waves at him to check if he is still asleep. After noticing that he is completely knocked out, she reaches over and grabs his sunglasses and runs away. After the woman runs away, he wakes up and gets up and pulls out his arms and screams at the girl.
    He mentions that the girl standing there with shades is beautiful. Right after he compliments her, he thrust his hips sideways and dances around the female and bends his right foot in a sliding position and stands next to her.
    Sits in the toilet in the bathroom with the bathroom door stall opened reading and checking out the articles and images in the adult pornographic XXX Playboy magazine that has a Caucasian girl with a yellow hat, purple jacket, white socks spinning a basketball on the cover while farting and smiling at the same time.
    Mentions that he got contracted ganamaria in the club while partying but his friend mentioned that he got the common sexual transmitted disease (std) gonorrhea while having unprotected sex.
    Dancing in the elevator with a yellow north face shirt, shorts, lactose sneakers and white nike socks thrusting the hips saying "I love you" in the Korean language
    Puts up hand signs mentioning that he is not from the west side but he is originally from the far east side part of the world in east asia.
    Runs up the stairs of the doctor's office and tells his friends he has to go to the hospital and visit the emergency room to attend his girlfriend's birth of his baby because of oppa gangnam and his friend mentioned he deserved that he had sexual intercourse with a open condom.

    Royalty free music courtesy of incomptech.com
    Go Cart
    Genre: Electronica Collection: Hard Electronic
    Time: 3:33 115 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
    Instruments: Synths
    Beautifully clean piece with a nasty edge. First bass drop at 58 seconds. Available in 2 other cuts.
    Aggressive, Bright, Driving, Intense

    Genre: World Collection: Polynesian
    Time: 5:59 164 BPM (Presto - Fast)
    Instruments: Percussion
    Super fast percussive piece with polynesian rhythms mixed with a fusion of large modern drums.
    Action, Driving, Grooving, Intense

    Who Likes to Party
    Genre: Disco Collection: Disco and Lounge
    Time: 4:17 117 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
    Instruments: Synths, Kit, Strings, Guitar, Horns
    There are 70s bits, 80s bits, 90s bits.... all soft of mashed up in a salad-mash-soup-like thing. Super crisp dance mix.
    Action, Bright, Grooving, Intense, Uplifting

    Variation on Egmont
    Genre: Electronica Collection: Medium Electronic
    Time: 3:32 111 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)
    Kind of techno, with a mix in of themes from Beethoven's overture as played on piano.
    Driving, Aggressive, Unnerving
    Royalty free sound effects courtesy of freesound.org
    Creative Commons
    This work is licensed under the Attribution License.
    samule44- OpenBeerDrinkIt.wav
    Ahh Beer Can Drink Soda
    IFartInUrGeneralDirection- MY FART.wav
    Yet another maggot gagging fart from my bowels.
    explosion flatulation gas noise poot fart

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