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    It's time we start showing ourselves more love. Can you name 5-10 things that you love about yourself?

    I was inspired to create this youtube video after watching Shan Boody and her boyfriend share 10 Things that they loved about each other. I also noticed that a lot of things Shan picked that she loved about her partner, where things he felt where his flaws.

    Watch it here

    It made me realize that although we can pick out things in other people that we love about them, it's sometimes hard to do the same for ourselves. We are our own biggest critics (I'm guilty) and I felt it was time I gave myself a little more credit.

    I left out 4-5 items (just because I didn't want to go over 25 minutes) and they were:

    My empathy and compassion
    **I notice I don't take it personal when someone says something rude or mean, and I instead try to see things from their perspective and get a deeper understanding of why they are the way they are. It allows me to be less judgmental, and to not take things so personal.

    I've lived a very full life
    **When I look at my life, and all the things I've done: starting new businesses, pushing past fear to travel, trying new things, meeting new people, experience new cultures, I realized that I've lived a very full life that doesn't include "I shoulda, woulda, coulda." I have lived in over 8 states, visited numerous countries and I'm still exploring. I've never let the fact that I grew up poor allow that to dictate my life's direction or prevent me from becoming the best person I could be.

    I'm thoughtful and creative
    **when I like someone I have very thoughtful and creative ways of showing them I care. I've learned over time that no matter how sweet a gesture may be, if that's not the person's love language, I miss the mark. Also I end up doing things for people that I secretly wish they'd do for me (LOL!! )

    I now feel like I am ready to be a great mother and wife
    **My mom had me kind of young so she had to raise me while she was still trying to figure out who she was. I used to be very hard on myself for not having kids yet, but over time, I've learned a few skill sets that I feel were necessary before I became a mother, and that's how to cook healthy meals (I didn't know how to do this years ago), how to be selfless, and time management. These are skills I didn't have years ago, not to mention I wasn't really done exploring the world and living my life on my own terms, so I think if I had settled into a relationship, or had a child during this time, it would have been a very difficult transition for me.

    I Get To Choose The Energy I Allow In My Space
    **The way my life is set up right now, I fill my days with things I enjoy. I avoid bad energy. Since I am an entrepreneur that does a lot of work from home, I get to choose the energy I allow in my space. If I feel that a call is going to ruin my day, I don't take it. Same for opening certain emails, and logging in to certain social media accounts. I avoid bad energy like the plague while I continue to work on myself and make sure that I'm casting good energy, love and light onto others wherever I go. I'm still a work in progress, but I've changed tremendously over the last few months.

    I could go on and on but I have 6 more in the video. :)

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