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  • Ki Kore Toke Bolbo | Rangbaaz | Arijit Singh| Dev | Koel | 2013 - Duration: 3:28.

    • 1 year ago

    Film : Rangbaaz
    Starring : Dev, Koel Mallick, Rahul Dev & Others
    Producer : Surinder Films Pvt. Ltd.
    Presenter: Nispal Singh
    Director: Raja Chanda
  • Inside the living body - Duration: 1:29:01.

    • 2 years ago
  • Its rally unfortunate what u just said! U do not know what ISLAM is! They way u r Blaming Koreans but stating Buddism is a good religion! U should applied the same thing to Islam as well!

    U guys need to understand Islam and culture is 2 different things! Lots of Muslims Do not follow Islamic culture like India and so on! Early marriage in common there bcs of culture NOT religion! Beside, if one can have sex as soon s/he reach adolescence when whats wrong with getting married at that age??

    National Geographic Live! - Too Young to Wed - Duration: 20:53.

    • 3 years ago
    Photographer Stephanie Sinclair and writer Cynthia Gorney investigate the world of prearranged child marriage, where girls as young as five are forced to wed.
    • CC
  • simple logic! God can NOT die for mankind! He is the creator, if he dies who would have run the universe? He can change things to any direction from anything at anytime! So, the point of God die for MANKIND seems very irrational to me!

    The Muslim Jesus (ITV Documentary) - Duration: 46:19.

    • 3 years ago
    A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam:

    Christ, Christianity, history of Christianity, Je...
  • That's why if i ever need to go to Asia or my country I avoid UK all the time! that's the ONLY condition i gave to my travel agency! beside that Heathrow airport service sucks anyway!

    'Snowden data destruction won't harm our reporting' - Guardian's Alan Rusbridger - Duration: 5:53.

    • 1 year ago
    The British government's attempts to stem the tide of articles on mass surveillance have gone beyond intimidating the journalist behind the publications. Just a day after Glenn Greenwald's partner ...
  • Have NOT u heard that they r NOT allowed to sell them outside (to any other country)! its basically due to security reason! Now, if u r talking of growing the black market then its a different issue! So, plz listen carefully! :D Thanks

    E-Waste Away: UK firms skimp on recycling outdated electronics - Duration: 4:02.

    • 1 year ago
    With the rapid growth of technology computers and TVs ultimately become outdated just in few years, and tons of them are ending up in the UK scrap hips. With the recycling of electronic waste means...
  • U know why that "Inna" opened the Sextreme Femenism? Its simply because there is NOT enough MEN in Ukraine! The ratio is 4:1, means ONLY 1 man for 4 Woman! lolz So basically she want to get ahead of the competition by exposing her TITS! lolz! Poor Inna come to Canada or USA lolz u'll get lots of AK47=P from Af. Americans lolz and u will b happy for forever! :P ;)

    Worlds Apart: Sextreme FEMENism - Duration: 27:13.

    • 1 year ago
    Breasts and politics - by combining the two with daring protests, FEMEN successfully captured the world's attention in a short period of time. But do they really help the causes they represent, or ...
  • "I Can Take my Laptop to Paradise" ┇FUNNY┇ Br. Kamal El Mekki ┇Smile...itz Sunnah┇ - Duration: 6:12.

    • 2 years ago
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    "I Can Take my Laptop to Paradise" ┇FUNNY┇ Br. Kamal El Mekki ┇

    Lecture: T...
  • Mufti Menk - The Key Of The Ka'bah || Emotional || 1080pᴴᴰ - Duration: 6:05.

    • 2 years ago

    Mufti Menk - ...
  • The Month of Forgiveness - Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan [HD] - Duration: 1:24:46.

    • 1 year ago
    Ramadan, the month of uncountable blessings and a golden opportunity for a Muslim to elevate himself spiritually and get even closer to his Creator; is a time of the year like no other. Ustadh Noum...
  • Israel wants PEACE from PLO! OMG! someone plz hold me because i am falling down due to laughing my ass of as i just HEARD the biggest JOKE of my LIFE!

    The History of the Middle East Conflict in 11 Minutes - Duration: 11:37.

    • 3 years ago
    Originally uploaded by encounterbooks on Sep 19, 2011

    Great explanation of the constant rejection of peace by the Arabs and so called "Palestinians"
  • Yes, When the Christians did hundreds of Crusade to kill Muslim or to end Ottoman Empire to establish Christianity by king, priest to local people it was justifiable but when Muslims just trying to defend themselves mostly, there is NO tolerance! Wow! That's sounds Pure Zionist talk and plan to me (the famous divide and rule)! this time Zionist wants to RULE (actually to keep their current ruling and power)!!!

    'Egypt post-coup outrage won't end easily, more blood will be spilt' - Duration: 4:29.

    • 1 year ago
    Egypt's interim president Adli Mansour is promising a new constitution within four months, to be followed by parliamentary and presidential elections. This comes as more than 50 people were killed ...
  • Dr. Zakir Naik-Benefits of circumcision - Duration: 2:34.

    • 3 years ago
    zakir naik,yasir qadhi,yusuf estes,assim al hakeem,Abdur raheem green,
  • U r wrong my friend! u need to know what happened in 1979! Iranian were on the street to up root the kingship! Receiving throne by Islamic party was not alike capturing power by military! what shows of Iranian people in western media is called underground society! every country has society like this even in USA or the Youth always try to make a trend! Also remember even in USA election NOT everyone supports one party! Similarly NOT every1 likes Islamic party or Ahmednijad! its simple and logical

    Iran's new fighter jet Ghaher 313 unveiled - Duration: 7:04.

    • 2 years ago
    UPDATE Iran's new fighter jet Ghaher 313 in flight here

    The new Iranian UAV Drone named "Fotros" watch here

    Islamic Republic president Mahm...
  • Oh yeah! Do not Forget he is an Afro American! He definitely can make moves ;)

    The Official Obama Gangnam Style! - Reggie Brown - Duration: 3:23.

    • 2 years ago
    Comedian Reggie Brown as Barack & Dalila Ali Rajah as Michelle &
    Follow us on Twitter !!
    Mitch- @DeanWinkleson "Obama" - @IamReggieBrown "Michelle" - @...
  • the tone of "Don't you dare generalize" make me feel little bit rattle! i think u got it wrong! when one says sometime and mention a particular thing, not necessary pointing out ONLY them or they r the only one! i hope its clear now! Sometime, we read a story line by line! we should understand in both, line by line and whole context! That's how lots of People miss quote Quran and lots of Muslims do the same! Anyway, have a good one and i have nothing to hold against u bro. :D

    That's Not Hijab - Duration: 7:46.

    • 6 years ago
    Ummah Film BABA alI
  • Americans r dumb and coward as usual! that's y they use drone to kill innocent people! So they will never understand the struggle and peoples fight back to regain their right and freedom highjacked by the Zionist corporations and greedy politicians! Americans r pathetic!

    Greece Molotov Rampage: Protesters lob petrol bombs at police - Duration: 2:34.

    • 2 years ago
    A rally in the Greek capital turned violent when protesters in Syntagma Square lobbed Molotov cocktails at police, who retaliated by firing tear gas at the demonstrators - READ MORE
  • Masallah! but the problem is way around! now the selection decision is NOT in men's hand any more! its the woman these days wants every man to be Brad Pit but when i look deep into her she has NO deen to NO household skills like cooking and so on! Its very fact especially from the part of the world i m! How irrational woman and their parents became these days!

    I want Miss. Universe in Hijab...FUNNY Sh. Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick... - Duration: 2:48.

    • 3 years ago
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    I want Miss. Universe in Hijab...FUNNY Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick...

  • That's the sign of dark ages in EU again! this time EU has bought it on them! Natural resources almost all consumed! economy is not growing! separation of Rich and poor is the highest! Middle class is vanished!

    Seems like its inevitable for EU to scape from Dark ages again!

    UK housing collapse to leave 1.7 million families homeless - Duration: 2:19.

    • 2 years ago
    Britain's suffering its worst housing crisis in modern history - with the number of new households increasing faster than the number of homes it can build. Over 1.7 million families are waiting for...
  • Jajak Allah Kheren bro! i am exactly following this method! Not using any negativity! using more affirmative sentences and going to share lots of Islamic videos with her but i wish she could understand english! I wish and pray may Allah swt make it easy for my parents and for me and everyone who is like me. Ameen. :D

    Today you can, tomorrow you cannot - Nouman Ali Khan - Duration: 26:19.

    • 4 years ago
    Today you can, tomorrow you cannot - Nouman Ali Khan
  • May b this will bring unity among Muslims but........

    We Muslims r not following Sunnah!! What prophet Muhammad did when stone was threw to him! What he did to Abu Lahab when he was number one Enemy of Mohammad? Did he sent people to Kill Abu lahab? No, he simply did not put importance to people who DISRESPECTED him! Slowly with time and patience they defeated! We Should give NO importance to that film maker! Because no matter what some1 will b there to INSULT Mohammad or Allah! RELAX

    Graphic video: Australia Muslim protest turns violent, police dog bites man - Duration: 1:30.

    • 2 years ago

    Riot police have clashed with about 200 protesters who rallied in downtown Sydney as part of global demonstrations against an anti-Muslim film produced in the United State...
  • May b this will bring unity among muslims but..........

    We Muslims r not following Sunnah!! What prophet Muhammad did when stone was threw to him! What he did to Abu Lahab when he was number one Enemy of Mohammad? Did he sent people to Kill Abu lahab? No, he simply did not put importance to people who disrespect them! Slowly with time and patience they defeated! We Should give No importance to that film maker! Because no matter what some1 will b always there to INSULT Mohammad or Allah! RELAX

    News Bulletin -- 06:00 GMT - Duration: 2:56.

    • 2 years ago
    Press TV reports on the latest news headlines from around the world.

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  • Graduation Speech | Muslim Short Film | Ryerson MSA 2011-2012 - Duration: 13:15.

    • 2 years ago
    This short-film was premièred at Farewell Cruise - Grande Montage. A short film with full entertainment for all those who are graduating and will graduate inshAllah. May Allah make it easy for ever...
  • i agree and echo what u said :D

    CrossTalk: China Power Engine Without Fuel? - Duration: 25:26.

    • 2 years ago
    Will over-investing lead to a bust? Could China shatter markets across the world? And if there is a hard landing, what will the consequences be? CrossTalking with Jim Rogers, William Powell and Dav...
  • That's statistics was long time ago! like 2006-07 when i used to go to uni! it could be much higher and should be! black money is very bad for economy! it does not help the economy to multiply it and also its earned by sucking someone!!

    €500-bln eurozone bailout gets green light in Germany - Duration: 6:26.

    • 2 years ago

    The Eurozone's merry-go-round of bailouts can continue. Germany's Federal court rules the new 500 billion Euro rescue fund is legal and Berlin can join. The Eurozon...
  • iPhone 5 Specs Official Video Sep 12, 2012 - Duration: 7:00.

    • 2 years ago
    the new iPhone 5 specifications
  • She got million of hit ONLINE only because of her nice rack ! lolz. that's y 99% of the people clicked on it! this time we can see her face too! nice total package ;)

    Verti-Go! Crazy Russian 'skywalkers' defy death & go viral - Duration: 2:31.

    • 2 years ago
    Daring pastimes are gaining popularity in Russia... as adrenaline junkies come up with some super-human tricks, scoring millions of fans all over the Internet. RT's Sara Firth took her own leap of ...
  • Its really sad to hear as a Canadian! Make me feel guilty!

    I support any power that trying to oppress and break the shekels of UN or Western MONOPOLY Power! it has to END soon if we want to see HUMAN race alive in this earth!!!

    Critics slam Canada subservient role in severing ties with Iran - Duration: 2:47.

    • 2 years ago
    Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird announced the severance of all diplomatic ties with Iran this Friday.

    Baird made unsubstantiated allegations about Iran being a state sponsor of te...
  • That's a very good question brother. All i will suggest keep asking questions to urself and u will have the answer of if u look for it!

    The questions to your answer is very simple! Islam is a complete lifestyle and that's where it differs from other religion! to function polygamy the society, marriage system and family lifestyle to many others needs to follow and practice!

    Realistically, ur point of being single is not valid! if a homeless man can have life partner than y cannot others!

    Why aren't muslim women allowed to have 4 Husbands...FUNNY Dr. Bilal Philips... - Duration: 3:41.

    • 3 years ago
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    "There is no time for holidays, when you realise how little time there is, a...
  • Thank god as most of the bottle r made of plastic! On second thought! no, plastic is JUST bad as like excessive Carbon Di-oxide !!!!!!!!

    CCTV: Supermarket shelves cleared by Costa Rica quake - Duration: 1:54.

    • 2 years ago
    Moment of Costa Rica tremor caught on supermarket security cameras. Although Wednesday's 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica failed to cause major damage, it violently shook a lot of buildings i...
  • EU r forced to go to black ages! No one knows how long this one will stay! created by American zionist jews! Jews r parasites, crippled the nation they stuck with! now its USA's turn! Just wondering which country the Zionist jews r targeting to parasites! I HOPE they find none and ultimately they will end up dying by having NO one to suck!!!

    Double Dipping: Britain faces second round of recession - Duration: 3:34.

    • 2 years ago
    The UK's economic forecast is cloudy with little chance of a speedy recovery, as the nation struggles to overcome its double-dip recession. Britain's shrinking economy has left shop owners and ever...
  • That Means USA is preparing for WAR with IRAN!!! I am really ashamed to be CANADIAN! Where is that Canada which not used to b neutral and not used to participate world/UN WAR and actions! please return my old CANADA!!!

    Canada closes Iran embassy, says Tehran 'most significant global threat' - Duration: 5:43.

    • 2 years ago
    Canada has ordered all Iranian diplomats out of the country and is closing its embassy in Tehran. Ottawa said it was acting because of the Islamic state's support for the Syrian government, its thr...
  • End the FED, hang the Bankers or let Banks go to BANKRUPTED, let students get of their STUDENT Loan and stop attacking other countries! its all start from the FED! so END fed to save AMERICA !!!

    The US banking system - Duration: 26:28.

    • 2 years ago
    The central banking system of the United States, called the Federal Reserve System, was created in 1913 by the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, largely in response to a series of financial pan...
  • Intention of the video was good but not complete and end was interrupted! anyway, keep the good work coming. Sukran and Jajak Allah Kheren. :D

    7 Minute Modesty - MIST 2010 Short Film - Duration: 7:01.

    • 4 years ago
    when Musa enters his new school, the first two boys he meets are worlds apart. One boy, Abdul-Wahab, is so pious that he can finish 6 paras in a day and the other, Uzair aka Uzzy, is so immodest th...
  • nice! great info. i am learning and i love to learn :D thanks.

    yeah, sometime i even feel i m nothing more than a modern slave! no work No Money and its hard to save money! :(

    can not recall the dry chemicals name! anthrax or DNT it was! the idea was that it will kill all the germs the poor immigrants r carrying! actually correct word would be blowing chemical powder! lolz. then later during the 2nd world war it discovered that this chemical or dry substance actually cause human cancer!

    Myanmar Rohingyas in need of intl. support - Duration: 2:54.

    • 2 years ago
    It is images like this that keep Nurul Islam working tirelessly; the visual reminders of the deteriorating situation within Myanmar for the Muslim minority Rohingyas.

    Amina Taylor, Press TV, Londo...
  • i can see more and MORE things r shifting from USA to Canada! i guess now USA wants to use Canada more and shamefully we have a Prime minister who has NO Backbone! He is trying to replace UK's place from USA! Shamed to be Canadian!!!

    'They fly, they spy and they kill' - Duration: 2:46.

    • 2 years ago
    They fly, they spy, they kill. But whether we like it or not drones, or remotely piloted aircraft, represent a contemporary phenomenon that is here to stay.

    And the Canadian province of Alberta is...
  • the main fight aboriginal people r fighting since long is time against CAPITALISM! They r free spirit! Just think why would you pay to someone if u can grow ur own food to getting ur own cloths! that's how they lived mostly and that's where the CONFLICT arise! Capitalism also just want them to bow down and become their products Which leads to Modern SLAVERY!

    Canada's indigenous people march for justice - Duration: 2:19.

    • 2 years ago
    Canadian human rights activists gathered at the country's parliament on Tuesday in support of the 'March 4 Justice' initiative, which seeks to end the treatment of aboriginals as second-class citiz...
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