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    Stumbled upon a website that Dr Jiajia and Big Bro's dad hosted some of their pictures/video. Very touched by what I saw and therefore decided to create a video regarding BigBro's charity work after obtaining permission from the boys' dad to use the pictures in the video.
    The New Paper 2006 Sept

    "He went to school with a plastic bag full of coins for The New Paper's Be Yourself Day on 31 Aug.

    Initially it upset his teacher, who thought he was being cheeky.

    But it turned out that Chua Jin Chou, 7, had emptied the contents of his piggy bank into the bag and was donating all his savings to the President's Challenge.

    The Pri 1 pupil at Maha Bodhi School is already a charity veteran.

    Besides helping in many community projects, JC has paid for a year's school fees and living expenses of a needy child in Mongolia.

    While many of his peers may have just started understanding the word charity, for him it is already a part of life.

    He is accustomed to spending his free time helping others.

    Of course, his parents - who started exposing him to charitable deeds from the age of 2 - played a key role in this.

    3 years ago, the family paid a visit to a Cambodian orphanage.

    It opened the boy's eyes and heart...

    ...While other children go for holidays and visit attractions like Disneyland, JC's parents have taken him to visit orphanages and hospitals for people who are bedridden, in Cambodia and Thailand.

    When his school started collecting school bags for needy students in Cambodia, JC was not satisfied with the couple he had at home.

    He went around knocking on doors in his neighbourhood and asking friends and relatives to donate bags too. He managed to collect as many as 80 bags.

    JC also participates in beach clean-ups and willingly accompanies his father when he goes for home visits to help the elderly.

    'He is very close to this 96yo lady he visits at an old folks' home. He enjoys going for these visits and talks to them and hugs them,' said Mrs Chua.

    When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, JC's 'I want to be a doctor' sounds typical of a boy his age.

    But when asked why, he said: 'I can help more people if I'm a doctor. And if people cannot afford to pay me, then I will tell them that it's ok and that it is for free.'


    "...The 2nd incident, which I am sure many of you would have read about in The New Paper, is about a 7 yo who is already a charity veteran. He brought a plastic bag full of coins to school for The New Paper's "Be Yourself Day". His teacher thought he was being cheeky; his family and friends knew better. It turned out he had emptied his entire piggy bank to donate to the President's Challenge. I take this opportunity to salute siblings Lee Ng Lin and Lee Eng Xian, and "charity veteran" 7 yo Chua Jin Chou for their compassion and concern, and for doing the little things, in their own way, to help the underprivileged in our midst..."
    Boy, 7, gets dad to write book to sell for President's Challenge
    The New Paper 2007 Jun 5
    By Andrew Chin

    ...This year, he wanted to do something different. Sell drinks? No, replied his mother, because the school canteen already had a stall. Sell books? Hmm... novel idea.

    Naturally, his parents asked where he would get the books, wondering how their wide-eyed 7 yo was going to go head to head against the Borders and Kinokuniyas of the world. JC's reply was equally novel.

    'Dad can write a book,' he said...
    And Mr Chua took it up as his 'Son's Challenge'...

    He took about 3 mths to write the story. He then found an artist from Spain to do the illustrations...

    The book is being sold at $10 per copy. The family plans to donate all proceeds to the President's Challenge, without recovering the production costs of about $5,000...
    The New Paper 2012 March 31
    By: Mark Leong

    Big Brother and Dr Jiajia's father came up with the first video 2 yrs ago as part of his son's school project.

    But the man who writes the scripts, edits the videos and posts them online, chooses to remain in the shadows and wants to be known only as Mr Chua. He spends up to 5 hrs editing each video before uploading them.

    The videos' popularity surprised him. He said: "At first, it was just to amuse ourselves, but some viewers started sending messages on how the videos were funny and helped them relax."..

    Mr Chua has been asked to get the boys to promote products in their videos. He declined these offers saying he's not out for profit... Show less
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