• Meditation in Motion for empowerment

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    It is very interesting to do "walking meditation".
    To walk from point A to point B with no purpose, but just walk, sets the mind on fire!

    Mind wants a reason, always needs a "why". It's nature is to investigate, to find evidence so it can justify everything.
    Mind is like a wild horse. It does not want to be tamed. It wants to think constantly and fast. It likes to judge, analyse, make conclusions, interpret things all the time.

    Mind says: this is ridiculous!
    I don't want to walk from A to B.
    Give me a reason for God's sake!

    It resists.

    Body wants to feel. Body thrives to be lost in its sensations. But, body follows mind. It will repress itself to "obey" the mind.
    Body is the carriage. It doesn't do much without the horse.

    But together they move.

    I am in control of moving from A to B. I am the Coachman that tames the horse and drives the carriage.
    I noticed that by observing my body and my mind, I feel detached and whole at the same time.

    I notice the relationship between my body and the thoughts in my head. When head gets busy, Body misses one step or another...
    I lose balance. A simple step that I perform everyday, becomes sort of challenging.

    I learn that by relaxing into observation, when I center, makes me feel motivated.

    Step and center.

    As I connect the breathing to the movement, I feel the engagement coming from the core of my being.
    I am in control. Not my mind, not my body. Both.
    I give my mind direction on what to think. My body receives direction from my mind. And they move together through music.

    I invite peace and serenity to take over.
    How would it be like to feel really peaceful right now?

    This simple exercise prints wonders in my cellular memory,
    carrying on to my day to day life.

    I am complete.


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