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Hoopla Kidz

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HooplaKidz is a dedicated channel for children, The channel has a collection of popular nursery rhymes, both original and those brought from generation to generation, even today remain children's most coveted treasures of fun and pleasure.

HooplaKidz transports you to the wonderful world of Noah's Ark and Aesop's fables, adventures with Annie and Ben, farmhouse fun with the animals at Old MacDonald's farm, joy and laughter with Mango the Monkey and Mary's little lamb and much, much more.

The mesmerizing sounds, magical melodies and colorful animations are not only captivating but also promise to help in your child's development and spatial reasoning.

Enjoy the enchanted and magical land of animated nursery rhymes and stories with morals -- HooplaKidz, delivering fun for everyone.

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HooplaKidz Original Children's Songs Play

Compilation of original compositions written and sung by Anuradha Javeri for children.
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