• How to Determine Your Hula Hoop Size

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    Hula hoop sizing can be tricky. While there's no EXACT science to determining your hoop size, here are the main points to consider: height, body type, experience level, flow style and personal preference.

    As for the hoop itself, the diameter and weight are the most important elements to consider. You'll often hear people refer to hoops by their size and style (32" polypro, for example). Here are the 5 types of hoops we offer:

    Standard PE (160 PSI): This is the heaviest hoop we sell and great for on-body, beginner hooping. In other words, if you are someone with an athletic to fuller figured build, wanting to take your time learning things like waist hooping, dancing with the hoop, and shoulder hooping... this would be a great option for you.
    Mid Weight PE (100 PSI): Same beginner functionality as the Standard, but slightly lighter... suitable for those with an athletic build or slender individuals that want a beginner, on-body hoop.
    Lightweight PE (125 PSI): Skinnier and lighter than the previous two tubing options mentioned, and what we use for our kids hoops.
    Polypro 3/4": The most popular style of polypro hoop we sell. Great for more advanced hoopers and those exploring off-body tech.
    Polypro 5/8": The lightest and fastest hoop that we sell. Ideal for off-body trick based technique.

    ✪ SIZE: Generally speaking, and assuming we're talking about beginner hoop sizing for optimal ON BODY hooping: The calculation is based on height and body type. To pick the diameter that's best for you, for on-body hooping, simply measure from the floor to your belly button or rib cage. Slender individuals will want a smaller diameter hoop (closest to the belly button), while fuller figured individuals should choose a larger diameter (closest to the rib cage). Those with an athletic build will fall in the middle. This is the appropriate calculation for those looking to master on-body foundational moves. But if off-body tech is your thing, keep reading...

    ✪ WEIGHT: The weight of the hoop also plays a big role in choosing what's best to start out with. Lighter weight = faster rotation. But that doesn't mean that the heavier the hoop is, the easier it will be. It is possible to have a hoop that's TOO heavy and we don't recommend anything more than a pound and a half. It's advised to choose a 160PSI, 3/4" (what we call "Standard Weight) for beginners primarily interested in on-body hooping, especially if they are fuller figured individuals. Adult beginners with a medium build may opt for the Mid Weight hoop (100 PSI, 3/4"), while children and very slender individuals could go with the lightweight variety (1/2" 125 PSI).

    Beginner hoopers primarily interested in off-body trick based technique (along with more advanced hoopers) may opt to start off with a smaller diameter polypro hoop. The floor to belly button/ rib cage calculation won't necessarily apply here, and it really boils down to personal preference - which is why it's best to try before you buy, if possible. Keep in mind, the smaller & lighter you go, the harder it will be for on-body hooping, but it will be easier on the hands for off body, tech-y flow.

    Ultimately, hoop sizing is based on height, body type, experience level and intention/ flow style. While there is no exact science for choosing your hoop size, I'm hopeful that these general guidelines will point you in the right direction.

    To learn more, please visit us on the web at http://www.hoolamonsters.com or you can shop on ETSY direct at http://www.hoolamonsters.et... (We are one of the oldest hoop shops on ETSY, and it's our goal to set you up for success). Feel free to message us there with any questions.

    And if you'd like another way to calculate hoop sizing, here's an awesome written guide to break it down for you, courtesy of Spin Matsuri: https://spinmatsuri.com/201...... Show less
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