• Once again YT have removed this video (a MIRRORED copy, from my main channel,

    Again citing "graphic footage"once again confirming they think this is a human body)

    The FACT it's a MIRROR copy of a video that hasn't been removed in 2 years, PROVES victimization of the noble Watchdog.

    I'd appreciate the "truthers"among u to start paying some attention to this video.. one of the most censored, FEARED, & shilled videos on the internet.

    I challenge Anonymous itself.

    I EXPECT u to look at THIS.

    WTC exploding man, A person gets blown out of the WTC by what looks like an explosion - Duration: 2 minutes.

    • 5 years ago
    Homerbear46 here...
    On July 19, 2011 05:24 AM I uploaded the first "exploding man" video, it was a crudely made, three-times repeated twenty-second video shot from a cell-phone facing my monitor, ...
  • "Von Helton was right ...again!!""

    Fuck Off Irvine.

    You didn't say "The Boston Bombers will be Chechen Muslims"s"",( or "White Muslims")

    Has he ever even mentioned Chechen muslims before? And as for calling them ""white as the driven snow""", they are similar looking to Italian or Greeks (dark haired, strong facial features)

    Is this why Von thinks he's ""right""?, cos hating Muslims isn't racist now that he's figured out SOME Muslims are kind of white-looking?

    He's 90-95% Cherokee now. LOL

  • Seth McFarline is a dirty lying faggot, that tries to make paedophilia "funny""



    Him and MarkyMark BOTH missed their 9-11 flights cos they where in the toilets, sucking each other off..

    it was where they got the idea for Ted.

    The Family Guy/Boston Marathon Clip is NOT a Hoax - Duration: 3 minutes, 41 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/PrisonPlanetLive?sub_confirma...

    A scene depicting runners at the Boston Marathon being killed and another depicting two bombs being detonated are SEPARAT...
  • drunke on sake again...tried to bully the wife but she gave me a hard stare & told me to fuck off & troll "Ron Vhelton" for a bit...

    The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting - Duration: 2 minutes, 31 seconds.

    • 9 years ago
    Clip from Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon
  • luv teh smell of butthurt in teh moarnin..smellz liek victory.....horseface,4est DZ,markgronan,SecOP,KennyKpz,becka,redhead, Dragonfly,Nightowl, luv2dnce,derparchiveas,Hemmigunner,35,, ....nightsparrow,HonkyTonk,HillbillyJim,GBP,Secop,PaulieC,oldfar­t,unite,gnatz,raven,navymed,paranormal/vin,,9-11tourettes/Ro­naldo, youarenothepumnisher, deabeatvamp,lotean, Sklapthepissoutayew (various hilarious vh clones..eg pwnishert & JPVhelton)...if i 4got any of u sorry. ;)..but we WIN

    Dmx - Where My Dogs At - Duration: 4 minutes, 11 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    Dmx - Where My Dogs At
  • Pervin Irvin Smellton-

    "I live just outside Oneida Kentucky!!...I like a target-rich environment"

    Oneida Baptist Institute Volleyball at Clay County 2010 - Duration: 9 minutes, 5 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    Oneida Baptist Institute Volleyball at Clay County High School in Manchester 2010
  • AJ used to be a wannabe wrestler himself...there's a huge connection between pro-wrestling and the propaganda of the ""NWO""...it goes back a LONG way


    Racist WWE Wrestler Gets "Fan Mail" From Alex Jones! - Duration: 4 minutes, 4 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    World Wrestling Entertainment has jumped on the bandwagon of demonizing Tea Party Americans as racists by creating a xenophobic character who espouses anti-immigrant rhetoric, as WWE commentators q...
  • Von's bitching on his blotv right now...cancerman's talking crybaby bullshit about 4est and DZ.

    Von's waving some document about as if it'll destroy all his trolls. .. cancertwat is giving him the genius plan to make ALL his blog-shows as hate-filled & abusive as possible, so that when they eventually get re-upoaded to yt by the trolls, they'll be easy for von to flag-down...he then asks Von "don't u think it's just a lil bit fun?"

    Von...u REALLY think Cancertwat is ur "friend"?


  • 727hk time...Von flags away 1st "meet Sara Jenkins"

  • Gamble pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle and was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years.

    Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said: 'It was a mean and shabby thing to do.' He also ordered probation supervision for one year.

    Defending her, Tim Evans said: 'She owes rent, water rates and more than pounds 2,000 to a clothing cheque company and lives on benefits of pounds 180 week. Finances are extremely tight.'

  • The safe was later found under old mattresses in Gamble's back garden at Wynd Street, Barry, and police found the plan in her kitchen.

    She told officers: 'I kind of know about it,' adding she had entered into an agreement with others to take the safe but later changed her mind.

    She refused to name her accomplice and said she was surprised to find the safe her garden.

    Prosecutor Owen Williams told the court: "The pounds 9,520, from remortgaging a house, was still inside."

  • Byline: By Liz Keen South Wales Echo

    A mum of four conspired to burgle her own relatives while she babysat for them.

    Sheryl Gamble, 41, even drew a plan of her sister-in-law's house showing where a safe containing pounds 9,000 in cash was hidden in a bedroom cupboard.

    Cardiff Crown Court heard the victims were in the Castle pub at Barry one night in January while Gamble looked after their children.

  • PS the laptop shines in window cos it's the back of a Hiace, not a taxi (as u assume) & my mate lifts it up for me so u can hear IanBrown better.I love it when idiots over-think .

    But hey, u couldn't be bothered, went & got stoned with ur husband?

    yep, it fucking shows.

    ALL the proof u've had,

    ALL the times u've moved the goal posts, then u hide for a day & THIS is the best u have?

    claim Mark can recreate being in other cities with his big monitor?


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