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    Q: Do you have any 3DFX Hardware and will you look at it?
    A: Yes, I have some. I have never liked it personally but will be taking a look at it in the future to see if I can change my opinions of it at all.

    Q: What about Apple hardware? Do you have any of that?
    A: I have no real interest in owning any. It is interesting to look at in other people's videos and if I end up with any I guess it will appear, but I don't go looking for it so am unlikely to ever own any.

    Q: Will you make videos about 80's Microcomputers?
    A: I like them, but know less about them, they may appear in the future. But this isn't high on the list of possibilities.

    Q: Why are some videos not in HD?
    A: When the source material is not Widescreen or HD it would look stupid. Bandwidth is expensive here, so if the video is a simple update or something which does not need to be in HD, it will not be. A video being scaled by both the rendering software and the YouTube Player will look worse than a video only being scaled by the YouTube player on your monitor.

    Q: Will you tidy your house?
    A: This has nothing to do with the video, I won't answer this... OK, probably not. I like to live in my house, it is my home.

    Q: Are you selling such and such hardware?
    A: If I haven't said I am, I probably am not. That does not stop you from asking, just don't get your hopes up.

    Q: How many computers do you own?
    A: I have no idea. Complete systems, probably about 14 (PC) but I would likely be able to cobble a few more together with the spare parts I have, though they wouldn't be very good. I do plan on building "The World's Greatest Solitaire Machine" at some stage though, just to see how terrible a machine can be.

    Q: Why do you hate/like something that I like/hate?
    A: Because that is my honest opinion. You are entitled to your own. By all means ask me why if I haven't said so and I'll explain my reasoning, just don't get mad at me when you disagree - by all means have a civil debate with me though, that's actually quite fun and there are often things to be learned within. For example, a debate about the Sound Blaster might teach someone more about the capabilities of the card or the many clones that were available. Show less
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    I take a look at various systems, software and games.
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    Recordings of several Demos, I am one of the only people on YouTube that records these from the REAL HARDWARE that they were meant to be used with.
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