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  • HEAL Goes Global - What does it take to beat pollution?

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    Pollution is a major global threat resulting in huge costs to human health and climate. It is in fact the largest environmental cause of disease and premature death in the world.

    Every year, over 6 million people die from air pollution solely. Annually, lead poisoning in children costs the world around $997 billion, and globally, at least 2 billion people only have access to contaminated drinking water. During the Third UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, HEAL’s Vijoleta Gordeljevic and Eva Takaria engaged in discussions with civil society, governments and business on what it takes to achieve a pollution-free planet and raise awareness on the fact that pollution is everyone’s business.

    Interviewing stakeholders to hear how different forms of pollution (air, soil, water, chemical and more) impact the lives of people in their countries, they discussed what message should be taken to governments. Why should everyone care about pollution? What is the biggest obstacle in tackling pollution? And what should governments do to achieve a pollution-free planet? HEAL asks people from all over the world: how to beat pollution.

    HEAL gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the European Union (EU) and the KR Foundation for the production of this video. The responsibility for the content lies with the authors and the views expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect the views of the EU institutions and funders. The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME) and the funders are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained in this video. HEAL EU transparency register number: 00723343929-96 Moins
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