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    "One must do kiirtana not only to surmount physical afflictions, but psychic and spiritual afflictions as well. It is the best medicine for all physical, psychic and spiritual ailments. It will bring about not only improvement in worldly life but success in the psychic and spiritual spheres. Kiirtana will help you in all circumstances, in all possible ways.

    If people do kiirtana with distinct expression of the mantra, their mouths become pure, their tongues become pure, their ears become pure, their whole bodies become pure -- and when so many parts of the body become pure, the átmá (self) also becomes pure. By kiirtana you become as pure as if you have taken a "holy dip in the Ganges." What does a holy dip in the Ganges mean for a sádhaka? It means doing kiirtana constantly.

    So instead of wasting your time in gossiping, in useless idle pursuits, you should do kiirtana even for two minutes or five minutes, whenever you get the opportunity. It is foolish to waste one's valuable time in gossiping. One who has been blessed with a human body is not a fool but an intelligent person. Such people feel internally that they are the children of Parama Puruśa. Why should they waste their time?

    By kiirtana you will always feel that you are not an insignificant creature, you are not inferior or low. Kiirtana will always remind you that you are the affectionate children of the Supreme. In kiirtana there is no restriction regarding time, place or person, no distinction between educated and uneducated, between black and white.

    So do Kiirtana, sing kiirtana, chant Kiirtana, whenever and wherever possible." ~ Beloved Baba (Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii)
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