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    What is Schneeflöckchen?
    Schneeflöckchen (engl. Snowflake) is a completely independent, innovative no-budget movie production from Berlin, Germany, springing solely from the hard work, talent and expertise of our ambitious team. It’s a movie made by friendship and our passion for filmmaking. What sets this production apart from many other low- or no-budget productions is it’s scale. It’s not a movie shot in one confined location with only a few actors. Schneeflöckchen features an overall filmmaking quality, a variety of locations and an ensemble cast that is mostly only found in productions with at least one or two million budgets or even more. We had nothing. Just an idea. And we knew no one in Germany would ever finance this movie. Movies like this just don’t get made here. It was an impossible undertaking - but we just tried to make it happen by ourselves. We developed the story already knowing we would produce it on our own with no or very little money. We talked to all our filmmaking friends, pitched them the crazy story and our plan. We basically said ‘Let’s meet on weekends and instead of having a BBQ, let’s make our own ‘El Mariachi’.’ So that’s what we did...
    It’s very hard to get genre movies made in Germany, especially crazy ones like Schneeflöckchen. We would have never got the financing to shoot this kind of movie with a real budget. So we said let’s just go bananas and do whatever we want. It’s safe to say that Schneeflöckchen is one of the (if not THE) most ambitious no-budget movies ever made in Germany. And we think something like this has never been done in our country. We hope we can show the world that we in Germany can produce fresh and imaginative films, if we get the chance.
    What is this movie about?
    The story evolves around two outlaws, Tan and Javid, who are tracking down the man who killed their families. Their hunt is going off-track when one day they find the screenplay to the very movie they are in.
    'Snowflake' is an infernal genre mix of action, thriller and comedy set in the near future. Multiple exceptional characters try to survive a vicious circle of revenge and karma, challenging their own personal sense of
    vengeance. All this is set in a hard-boiled exaggerated world, which at second glance may not be too far out.
    A dentist's mysterious screenplay sets the stage for two friends getting the blues over kebab; you will encounter God eating ravioli from cans, a hopelessly hopeful angel, a hyper-electric superhero, as well as cannibalistic hitmen and a timid but violently obedient prototype android.
    Who is behind Schneeflöckchen?
    'Schneeflöckchen' was born as the love child of Berlin based independent producers Adrian Topol, Reza Brojerdi, and Erkan Acar, as well as director Adolfo Kolmerer, writer Arend Remmers, and creative producer Eric Sonnenburg. The idea was created in one of those crazy nights among friends. Just ninety days later a first draft of the script was presented. Then we figured: “Screw it – let's do it!” and gathered all our filmmaking friends for a couple of weekends and simply started shooting. Since then this project had been developing and snowballing into this passionate film production adventure. ‘Schneeflöckchen’ was made for just about 50.000 € in the end and we all made up for the lacking budget with relentless passion and determination. Over the course of 18 months we shot the movie and are now in post-production. We are extremely proud of this film and hope you enjoy it as much we did making it. Show less
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