• Everyone wants to know about the high B. That's a string developed by Octave4plus (no financial interest) that can withstand the tension of the B. It takes a lot of REALLY slow, incremental tuning to get it up to the note, so if you are limited to one axe, you may not find it practical onstage. Once you do get it tuned, it can last a very long time - I had one last for at least 9 months on the 335. Bending not recommended.

    All Fifths Tuning on Guitar (ES335 "jazzCittern") - Duration: 1:42.

    • 2 years ago
    See a quick demonstration of All Fifths Tuning on Guitar: CGDAEB. The advantages and benefits of AFT are enormous - Beautiful symmetry, perfect logic, and hundreds of years testing by the best pla...
  • You know, if you're tuning CGDAEG, you'll be changing string gauges too. But the G on the high end is easily doable with a typical .008.

    New Standard Tuning (NST) on Guitar (Teleberger "jazzCittern") - Duration: 2:05.

    • 4 years ago
    A demonstration of New Standard Tuning. Similar to Full Fifths Tuning, NST (CGDAEG) is all fifths, with the exception of the high string which is tuned to G. Certain technical challenges are posed...
  • Brian - Quite the fan club you have here! I remember that specific night. We'd done the COTB holiday thing most every year for a decade, but each year it was like brand new, mainly thanks to the minimal rough-sketch rehearsal, at least 60% by-the-seat-of-our-pants improv on stage. Pretty cool. Good memory. Thanks for posting!

    Carol of The Bells played by Brian Brink Maple Grove, MN - Duration: 9:11.

    • 8 years ago
    www.brianbrink.com To hear more of my music, go to http://soundcloud.com/brianbrinkmusic
    Get my Brand new Christmas Album!! on iTunes or Amazon
    Christmas in the Grove, an album of some of the be...
  • Bach Cello Suite II - Courante Cittern/Piano Improv, "jazzCittern" - Duration: 2:59.

    • 5 years ago
    Cittern improvisation on The Bach Cello Suite II - Courante with a piano accompaniment, extended but true to the changes Bach implied. We fondly call this "jazzCittern". The cittern, with its fif...
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