• Optical Illusion: Growing and Shrinking Cigarettes

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    In this amazing optical illusion, watch what happens with the size of the cigarettes. The background drawing, based on the Ponzo Illusion, is what really tricks us here. The white wall with the grid lines plays a big part in causing us to subconsciously think that we are seeing a 3 dimensional scene instead of 2 dimensional. Our eyes and brains have naturally been trained to pick up visual cues and define dimensional planes of what we are viewing. The 2 "horizontal" lines in the middle of that white wall start to converge as they "go" from the left cigarette to the right cigarette. This tricks our visual systems and creates the optical illusion that the cigarette on the right is much bigger. We interpret it as 3D with depth. So, the optical illusion is created by the way our visual systems interpret the surrounding drawing and not by the cigarettes themselves. Our sense of dimensions, depth, and actual sizes are easily fooled!
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    “Optical illusion” is also known as 目の錯覚 , 錯視 , 錯覚 , 目の錯覚 , ilusión óptica , optische Täuschung , illusion d'optique , le effet d'optique , ilusão de ótica , illusione ottica , оптическая иллюзия , обман зрения , 光学错觉 , 光學錯覺 , 착시

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