• 290 subscribers and 820 friends!! YAY thank you so much :) I will be back soon with a new video,there's going to be a few changes with my campaign.Will be back,defeating some personal demons first !!! Stay strong ya'll :) xoxox

  • You are so beautiful and so loved.Please don't ignore this.I know you're reading this,not taking any of it in,because you've seen it all before and it means nothing...but seriously...believe me...and more importantly believe in YOURSELF.Those little voices in your head are not you.And you are not perfect...whatever the fucked up thing or person "perfect" is.You are you.And if they can't see your beauty then it really is their loss.Now go ond smile...you deserve to. :) #PROJECTPOSITIVE

  • I came to win.To fly.Get ready for it.I came to win.Get ready for it.Get ready for it...I CAME TO WIN.TO FLY.TO CONQUER.TO RISE.I CAME TO WIN.TO SURVIVE. Get ready for it ;) I came to win ;)

  • #MakeALawForJamey This boy was beautiful and strong and he did NOT deserve to feel the way that he did!Am crossing my fingers that Lady Gaga will be able to make a difference.R.I.P Jamey <3

  • New video will be up sometime next weekend probablly :) I want to mention Demi Lovato's new album Unbroken in it;and its out on Tuesday :)

  • 285 subscribers awesome guys thank you :)

  • 800+ friends.Thank you all so much! If we can get to say 1000 friends and maybe 400 subscribers by Christmas that'd be the best present ever k?

  • OOooh 799 frids.The supsens..

  • oooo almost 790 friends :*)

  • 280 subscribers!!Thank you so much :)

  • Thank you guys so much for 279 subscribers! Means a hell of a lot.Question is who wants to be 280? haha :) Please tell your friends to sub,thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

  • Almost 780 friends.One more come on haha :)

  • SORRRRRRRRRY for not being more active!! I've been so busy! Am replying to everyones comments now :) I was editing the new video ;) Will be up probablly this/next week :) love you all forever and always fearlessly xoxo

  • 770 friends :) awesomage thanks guys!!

  • Have been super busy recentley as my niece & half sister are staying over from Spain atm ! :)

  • Thank you to whoever unsubscribed lol :D

  • Just came back from a week in beautiful rainy Cornwall!277 subscribers and 755+ friends :) Yayy.Now time to work on some articles for magazines/websites and to watch the TCA's!How are my little rainbow warriors doing anyways? :) Love you bye x

  • Saw Harry Potter yesterday! Damm how good is it!! Feel like my childhood is now offically over though :( Definatley suffering from a bit of Post-Potter-Depression haha :)

  • 275 subscribers and 750+ friends.Keeep climbing guys :)

  • 750 friends :) Lets get that to 800 by the end of Summer?? Telll your friends! ;P

  • What song should I use on my next video?? Skyscraper by Demi Lovato or Who Says by Selena Gomez? Or Mean/Change by Taylor Swift? Or maybe Perfect by P!nk? Or another song? What do you guys think??? Leave a comment on my channel please :) xx thanks <3

  • Youtube changed :3 Anyways last day of school today!I think i miss everyone allready haha :) Thanks for 745 friends and 270 subscribers!Shall we try and get 800 and 300 this summer? <3

  • 270 subs!!!!!!!! Will sub everyone back now :)

  • Anyone else totally head over heels in love with Demi Lovato's new song Skyscraper?!What a beautiful,amazing,inspiring and strong woman? :) xx

  • 265 subscribers woo :) 728 friends <3

  • .Parachute.Parachute.Parachute!!!!!!!!!! <3 wow i love this band!!!!!!!!

  • 725 friends :) keep climbin' xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • My twitter: www.twitter.com/gone2fargirl If you like quotes funny(ish) anecdotes and random song lyrics also g2f updates please follow...also i'll follow you back :)

  • Yesterday was my campaigns 18 month aniversary :) Can't believe how amazing the support for it has been recentley!!!Thank you all SO much!I <3 I owe the rainbow warriors everything <3

  • 705 friends <3

  • If everyone could check out my best friends anti-pollution campaign that'd be so awesome!!Thank you :) www.youtube.com/amazingearthwarriors <3

  • 700+ friendsMade my day.Thankk you <3 Just 2 more subscribers till 300 too!! <3

  • 2 more friends till 700.Lets try and get that tonight yeah ;) ? xx <3

  • 3 more friends and 3 more subscribers till we get to 700 and 300.Lets keep climbin' guys <3

  • 695 friends!!! Five more till we get to 700 :) Also Four more subscribers till we hit 260 ;) tellllllllllll your friends <3

  • oh thank you for the birthday wishes on Friday btw :) the rainbow warriors are the best <3 <3

  • NEW VIDEO!!! :) Colab w/ the amazingly awesome Paige Mckinnon and a lil help from Taylor Swift and the Glee cast haha ;)

  • How Music Inspires Helps And Changes Us Colab Video - Duration: 5 minutes, 53 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    So I teamed up with another teen trying to stop bullying called Paige McKinnon (shes awesome you should totally check out her channel!) to make a video coloboration about Music and how it can help ...
  • 255 subscribers :) yay

  • I AM NOW FOURTEEN YEARS OLD :) I feel like i've changed and grown a lot this past year.I feel like I'm always gonna be the same person but at the same time I'm constantly changing!Must be a Gemini thing <3

  • 690 friends !!! Shall we try to get to 700 by tommorrow?? 10 more people go go go <3 xx

  • How about we try and get to 700 friends by Friday and 260 subscribers??? ok go go go ;) <3 xx

  • My birthday on Friday !!! :) Shall we try and get up to 260 for it hehe? :) <3 ok go go go :) xx

  • New playlists seem to be pretending to be invisbile today :L how annoying.Oh well got a new video for ya'll coming veryyy soon :)

  • Just shook up all my video-descriptions and playlists!Can't WAIIT for you too see some of the new videos I have in store for you :)

  • Anti-Bullying Advert -2010- (Gone2Far) - Duration: 17 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    Gone2Far is the new(ish) anti-bullying\prejudice campaign
    It being run by kids and teens themselves is definatley gonna go...far
    We have plans to one day tour every school in the British Isles an...
  • End Prejudice-Gone2Far - Duration: 45 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    This is a video of all the posters I made when I was 12 and had just started my anti-bullying campaign Gone2Far.(I'm 14 now and watching this again has made me smile and realise how much I've grown...
  • Anti-Bullying Poster Distributing (2010) - Duration: 88 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    /11th /June/2011/
    So this is a video-blog I made of me cyclying around my neighbourhood distributing posters around my town to advertise Gone2Far.
    HeHeHe.Watching this again has made me smile.Alm...
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