• GHSE Summer LAN 2018

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    Some pictures and clips from our summer LAN at an old church in Vallentuna/Sweden, June 27th to July the 1st, 2018. Four days of hardcore gaming in eight minutes, enjoy!

    Discord for registerd members @ https://discord.gg/nRS4tFR

    Big thanks to:

    - Mindark -
    For sponsoring us with great prices and 4 LA's for the Entropia Universe events. Download the game for free and join our madness @ www.entropiauniverse.com

    - Funcom -
    For sponsoring us with awesome prizes to our Conan event, with a delivery to the front door!
    Get the game and join us @ www.conanexiles.com. (Jens-Erik, best Community Manenger ever)

    - Stockholm Airsoft Regiment -
    For their brutal storming of the property with cruel kidnappings and wake up calls of sleeping attendees, bloody hilarious!! Please visit our awesome and crazy friends @ sthlmregiment.se

    - Auktuma -
    For sponsoring our Entropia Universe events with prices worth 12.000 PED. Please visit his in-game store @ http://www.planetcalypsofor......

    - Big Industries -
    For sponsoring our LAN with an extra Entropia Universe competition + prices.

    - SonnyEvil -
    For making two "barrel-grills" to the LAN, which later was donated to the youth center in the city where we were holding the event. Your are a great friend and awesome handyman :D

    - GHSE-LAN Crew 2018 -
    Saphira, GetRektify, 8ody8ag, Jokk, Wezten and FireFlame @ www.gameaholic.se

    Music by:
    Headhunterz Sub Zero Project - Our Church
    Wardruna - Helvegen (The Way To Hel)

    Thank you all for warching! Visa mindre
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    • ArmA3 - Say Cheese - Längd: 11 sekunder.

      • för 1 månad sedan
      • 29 visningar
      ooooOOOOO XD
    • ArmA3 - Insurgency: Survived 4 IED's in a row! - Längd: 2 minuter, 30 sekunder.

      • för 2 månader sedan
      • 39 visningar
      Manicozzy survived 4 IED's in a row during a mission in Insurgency on Malden 2035, totaly shocking us, who just could stand uphill and watch it happend over and over again!
    • ArmA3 - Insurgency: IED System - Längd: 37 sekunder.

      • för 2 månader sedan
      • 27 visningar
      New IED system on our server, here you can see how a recruited civilist placing out an IED charge in a vehicle wreak, and the script random sellect a small, medium or large explosion with a % chanc...
    • ArmA3 - Insurgency on Napfwinter: Destroy Radio Tower - Längd: 16 minuter.

      • för 3 månader sedan
      • 117 visningar
      A short clip from when a 4-men team from Gameaholic.se went for the sidemission, "Destroy Radio Tower" at Insurgency-Napfwinter, during one of our ArmA 3 Co-op Nights. Members in-game was: Jokk as ...
    • ArmA 3 Physics.. . - Längd: 97 sekunder.

      • för 4 månader sedan
      • 32 visningar
      Flying APC's. ..only in ArmA
    • ArmA3 - Insurgency: Suicide Bomber Script - Längd: 30 sekunder.

      • för 4 månader sedan
      • 68 visningar
      Showing Jigsors suicide bomber script, thats recruit existing civilians in the mission and respawn'em back in with a satchel charge around the neck, here together with the Head-Gore mod. Now on our...
    • ArmA 3: Playing with high empathy - Längd: 45 sekunder.

      • för 5 månader sedan
      • 45 visningar
    • ArmA 3: Two weeks Incurgency in Takistan! - Längd: 4 minuter, 20 sekunder.

      • för 5 månader sedan
      • 137 visningar
      A short clip from our two weeks of hard fighting in our edited version of Pogoman and Jigsors ArmA3 mission, Insurgency in Takistan. It took some time but it's finally done and under control. Gamea...
    • GHSE Summer LAN 2018 - Längd: 8 minuter, 31 sekunder.

      • för 6 månader sedan
      • 428 visningar
      Some pictures and clips from our summer LAN at an old church in Vallentuna/Sweden, June 27th to July the 1st, 2018. Four days of hardcore gaming in eight minutes, enjoy!

      Discord for registerd memb...
    • Gameaholic.se - Live Events 2017 - Längd: 3 minuter, 40 sekunder.

      • för 10 månader sedan
      • 259 visningar
      A short video, with clips from our live events during 2017, first the summer LAN in August and then our "gaming zone" at the Sci-Fi World in Stockholm, October 2017. Enjoy!
    • Conan Exiles: Server Promo Video [February 2018] - Längd: 3 minuter, 50 sekunder.

      • för 11 månader sedan
      • 167 visningar
      [SWE/EU] Gameaholic.se - All x2
      Server IP#:
      Server Location: Stockholm/Sweden

      This server is made by and for our members of Gameaholic.se. Together we choose the settings, rat...
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