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    I remember how much I used to love Beavis and Butthead.


    I started doing the Butthead voice many years ago, and attempted to perfect it. Some of the videos are the best viral videos of all time. Clips of the show.

    I've heard people do it better, but this is just my take on it. I love doing the voice, it's fun.

    It's just funny because he sounds so dumb. There are lots of videos of people doing this, but this is just my rendition.

    I hope you guys enjoy this, I had a lot of fun making it. The show Beavis and Butthead was created by Mike Judge.

    It's one of those shows that I grew up with, and is a part of me. I used to watch it everyday.

    A lot of milennials nowadays don't know anything about this show. It was so popular they even made a movie about it way back when.

    For many years, it was talked about by everyone everywhere.

    I'm honestly kind of glad today's kids don't know about it, it doesn't have very good values and morals. Ha ha.

    But it's all in good fun. I have a few other impressions I do, but this one is one of my favorites. It's easy to do and sounds hilarious.

    Beavis and Butthead was a very popular show on MTV for a long number of years.

    It was very much and adult cartoon, with many adult themes, although I know for a fact it was mostly kids who watched it. There are lots of funny videos of it online.

    Beavis and Butthead laughing is very popular and is one of the most searched for topics when it comes to the cartoon.
    So many kids grew up kind of scarred because of this show. Ha ha. I was one of them. This and Ren and Stimpy is really what did it. I wanted to make one of those funny impressions with this video.

    The great thing about this show was that it was so incredibly simple, yet so hilarious at the same time.

    It had some of the most simple jokes you could ever think of. However, you would sit there and laugh for hours while watching it.

    I always thought many of the jokes were kind of stupid, but there was very much a simplicity in that that made it really funny.

    Millions of people agreed with me. There was some kind of appeal to the show, and how stupid the main characters were.

    Their laughs were one of their trademarks that made it so awesome. On any given day, me and my friends would do this laugh in our own way.

    The show was so much a part of our lives that they even made movies (Beavis and Butthead do America), and sold lots of merchandise.

    You can find Beavis and Butthead full episodes on the internet, too.
    I recently heard news that they are bringing this back to MTV sometime soon.

    They are making a special channel with only 90's shows on it, such as this one and Aeon Flux. That was another great show.

    I can't tell you why I loved Beavis and Butthead so much, but it's very addictive to me. I could still sit and watch it and find great enjoyment out of it, even as a 34 year old man. I hope you enjoy this viral video.

    I love 90s cartoons and everything about them. This was definitely one of the best MTV cartoon shows ever.

    I enjoy doing funny impressions and this one just might be my favorite.

    No matter what you say, you can't deny that this show is a huge part of American culture.
    Pretty much everyone has heard of these guys. It would be kind of cool if they brought the show back.

    Thankfully you can find all the videos, or most of them, right here on YouTube.

    It's a great show if you really want a laugh. It's definitely a different type of comedy for sure, it's not for everyone. It's very simple and some people think it's stupid.

    But I really enjoyed doing this impression, no matter how stupid people might think it is.

    Impressions are definitely very fun to do. If you practice at it, you can do it, no matter who you are.

    This impression is so fun, the laugh is hilarious, that was always one of my favorite parts of the show.

    I always liked Butthead's laugh better than Beavis, but they are both really fun to do, and to watch.

    If you watch the actual episodes, they laugh almost constantly, so if you don't like it, it can get annoying after a while.

    But to me that's part of what makes it so hilarious to watch. Another side note: one reason I love making videos like this is because they are the short "Vine style" videos.

    When you think of funny videos for kids would you think of this video?

    They are quick and easy to make, but also the most fun. Some of the funniest videos I've seen have been only a few seconds long.

    Some people mistakenly think videos have to be 20 minutes long to be great. I tried to make one of those funny viral videos with this one.

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