• Australian Electric Superbikes - Series One Teaser

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    It's said that racing improves the breed. That it provides a platform for development and a testing ground for new technology.

    The fact is, that electricity has fascinated mankind for hundreds of years. Yet to fully explain this phenomenon eludes even the greatest of minds.

    Riding electric is a serene experience. You still get the rush. You can almost feel the amps flowing in the system.

    You have to get used to having no clutch, no gearbox, no changing gears, and on some of these bikes no back brakes because it's regenerative breaking. So there is a lot to get used to.

    There is no doubt that electric drive faces an uphill Journey. A journey filled with promise, challenge and skeptics. It's easy to look at electric drive and make our comparisons. We worry about range and reliability and yet the visionaries amongst us see a very different path.

    When we think about the future, it's often a scary place to be. There is all these bad things happening, but...

    ...in the electric superbikes what we are actually doing is understanding that if we want an exciting future, we can build the future we want to live in, and so, they've developed a suite of skills that they can bring to the bike, but also, a really good sense of teamwork. They have found other people to work with. They have brought that together and so that's why you see them being so passionate...

    ...because these are the people, who are building the Electric Superbikes, because they are symbols of the world that they want to live in. They are constructing their world.

    It was inspired originally by The Fastest Indian...

    It's epic! The brain could not compute what it was. We kept calling it snow, because, we. It's just the... the mind could not compute that there was just, so much salt, over such a huge expanse. It's all the way to the horizon.

    Some believe that new technology relies upon the new, the upwardly mobile. Others understand, that when a company, established in 1886, the same year that Tesla established his company, put an electric motorcycle on the race track. It's time to take note. Time to listen, to the wisdom, of an old master. Show less
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