Jai Jinendra Jain Bandhu,
Jai Jinendra Jain Bandhu,

The website is under construction since long. Because of lack of active supports of Jains & also because I am not able to popularize it substantially, the matter is being moving slowly since last two years. I am against taking any help of freely available social media as they are in fact earning from other sources and if I take this free-help, indirectly I am endorsing to what they are earning through indecent advertisements on my page. As I want to popularize my website ( a good cause for the Jain community) I will not take any help of such nature. I have opened this page on Facebook just to block the name of eDerasar so that nobody take advantage of this name. I have also blocked email ids of popular mail servers so that nobody can misguide with the said email ids.

The main mission of opening this website is simple logic of providing a common platform to Jain community.
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