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  • I'm running my Workshop in Manchester, London and Germany in September - Watch this video for details!

    I'm Bringing My Workshop to Manchester, London and Germany in September! - Duration: 16 minutes.

    • 1 week ago
    I'm bringing my brand new hands-on workshop to the UK and Germany in September!

    Watch the video for all the details!

    Here are the dates!

    Manchester - 15/16 September
    London - 19/20 September
  • NEW VIDEO - Even if you are just starting out - you should start curating your niche.

    Why You Should Start Curating Your Niche Today! - Duration: 5 minutes, 55 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    Even if you are just starting out - you should start curating your niche.

    In this video I explain why you should and the secret weapon you didn't even know you had.

    Want more cool stuff?
  • Curation And Taste - Your Secret Weapon

    Curation And Taste - Your Secret Weapon - Duration: 5 minutes, 43 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    I use the launch of Apple Music and Beats 1 to talk about the power of Taste and Curation in this world of unlimited content production.

    I want to explain how you can use this to unique advantage...
  • ORICA GreenEDGE - Channel

    • 466 videos
    ORICA-GreenEDGE is the first Australian cycling team to earn WorldTour status. After a hugely successful first three years of competition in the highest level of the sport, we're looking forward to ou
  • 2015 ORICA-GreenEDGE Tour de France team announcement - Duration: 3 minutes, 23 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    After a brief look at our short history at the Tour de France we are proud to announce the line up for the 2015 edition.
  • Free Vs Paid - The best business model for you. Ed Dale Live on now!

    Ed Dale Live - The Free or Paid edition! - Duration: 48 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    We tackle the big business model questions for Digital Publishers on today's edition of Ed Dale Live. Free vs Paid
  • My first USA workshops in three years - Next Month in San Diego and Orlando - watch the videos for details

    Ed Dale USA Workshops July 2015 - Duration: 16 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    Hi Gang,
    I've been asked to come to the USA to conduct my new two day workshops!

    I'll be in San Diego on the 16th and 17th of July
    Orlando on the 20th and 21st of July

    The video will explain ...
  • What Does Apples Search Announcement Mean For Digital Publishers - Duration: 27 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    After the dramatic announcement of the new NEWS app - Apple filled in the rest of the picture with the release of there new Search ambitions. I discuss what is happening and what it means for your ...
  • This weeks Ed Dale Live is now available in replay - Hit the link for details!

    Ed Dale Live - Apple Unleash The Smackdown On Google - Should You Care? - Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    In News -

    More Bombshells from WWDC - Will Apple dominate search on mobile and what does that mean for you and your digital publishing business?

    Interview with Kristen Noel - MagCast Success Sto...
  • Shenmue 3 Reveal reaction (GameTrailers Live) - Duration: 2 minutes, 40 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    I am so goddamn happy now

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ysnet/shenmue-3 go here to fund this
  • Theme from Schindler's List (John Williams): Violin - tutorial (Spanish subtítulos) - Duration: 31 minutes.

    • 10 months ago
    Schindler's List tutorial: part 2 at http://www.violinlab.com/videoLibrary/lesson.php?id=608

    Schindler's List tutorial: part 3 at http://www.violinlab.com/videoLibrary/lesson.php?id=609

    • CC
  • Snippet from Ed Dale live - My Thoughts on the Newsstand and NEWS app announcments

    Newsstand Carnage! What Do The Apple Changes Mean For Digital Publishers - Duration: 39 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    Apple have announced that the Newsstand folder is going away and they are releasing a new app called "News". These are both important events (but they are not related as I explain!)

    In this video ...
  • Ed Dale Live is .... LIVE - Newsstand, Taki Moore on what we can learn from Coaching and more!

    Ed Dale Live - WWDC Edition and Taki Moore - Duration: 1 hour, 27 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    In Ed Dale Live
    - What does NEWS and the Newsstand changes mean for MagCasters (Spoiler Alert - Good News)
    -Coach to The Coaches (and Burrito Bandit) Taki Moore will talk to us about...
    - Framework...
  • Nathan Chan - The Making of a Mag Empire - Duration: 55 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    Join Me As I Interview MagCast Success story Nathan Chan

    Among other things you'll learn the Instagram strategy that's building him a list that will hit 100,000 users by the end of the year.

    How ...
  • I would have never thought to use Instagram to build a list - thats going to change...

    How to Use Instagram To Build Your List - Duration: 13 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    Check out this snippet from Ed Dale Live.
    Nathan Chan explains to me how he builds his email list and Magazine subscribers using Instagram.

    Make sure you hit the subscribe button to get more of th...
  • Want to get Interviews for your MagCast or Podcast? Watch This (The amazon tip is GOLD!)

    How To Get Interviews - Duration: 10 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    In this Ed Dale Live snippet

    I get Nathan Chan to tell us how he lands interviews with the biggest names in marketing and self-improvement. His Amazon tip in this is GOLD!!!

    Make sure you hit the...
  • This is going to be a beauty - streaming live!!

    Ed Dale Live - Special Guest Nathan Chan - Duration: 1 hour, 5 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    Join Me As I Interview MagCast Success story Nathan Chan

    Among other things you'll learn the Instagram strategy that's building him a list that will hit 100,000 users by the end of the year.

    How ...
  • CGP Grey - Channel

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  • The BFG: German Eurosport commentary - Duration: 23 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Mertesacker's nickname explained in German
  • Grant Cardone - Channel

    • 1,871 videos
    Grant Cardone is a NY Times Best Selling author, recognized international sales training expert, and motivational speaker on finance, sales and business expansion. He is founder and CEO of three multi
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