• Goodbye SDE

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    "wippler-workn - though I wish you'd'a started it with "Ain't non-a this shit work anymore" since nobody else will know."
    Aint non-a this shit work anymore

    All combos were performed by hand without tool-assistance although save states were used.

    00:00 Corner to corner Painwheel/Parasoul combo starting from the top of the screen.

    00:07 The third jMK here would trigger IPS in newer versions but because SDE doesn't use chain based IPS this works.

    00:11 Painwheel's old pinion dash, now her level 3, charged to max level. See? It is useful.

    00:18 The spacing and timing of the cancel and tear toss have to be perfect or the MP tear shot detonation won't work here.

    00:31 The Pali

    00:43 Buer into Death Crawl doesn't work here because of the lack of hitstop so LP Gae Bolga is used instead. Also notice the longer Death Crawl animation.

    00:43 Max damage starter for Val. This would also activate IPS in newer versions. The link into double jump jMP is very position dependent.

    00:55 The sMK, cHP, jHK, jMK, jHP gives just enough time for the first poison to run out before the next poison vial hits. Poison doesn't stack so it's necessary for the poison to run out before hitting with another.

    1:16 Assist macro Catheads into teacup loop. Filia is one of the only characters the teacup loops works on in this version.

    1:38 Fenrir canceled by a bomb into a HP Updo, Fenrir. Showing off the old 1 hit HP Updo which is 3 hits in the new version.

    1:47 Peacock jump cancels sMK in time to block the bomb and alpha counter into Filia. Filia cancels the Updo alpha counter into Gregor to catch the dummy on the way down from the explosion.

    1:51 LK bomb assist catches the dummy after Gregor so Filia can crossunder and bring the dummy to the corner.

    2:00 Filia's sHK was changed so that it always wallbounces making the cMP, HK loop here impossible

    2:07 Crossunder hard tag to peacock to keep the dummy in the corner. Wouldn't be an SDE video without at least 1 hard tag.

    2:17 Fortune's jMK was changed so it won't hit twice this low to the ground breaking her IAD jLK confirm used here.

    2:24 Calling an assist multiple times in one combo. Notice the lack of multiple poison levels on the vial.

    2:29 Fortune can now only do one hit of her rekka with her head off so this combo is slightly different in newer versions.

    2:38 Three air chains in one jump using the previously loaded vial.

    3:00 Whiffing 3 out of 4 slides into the SDE Double BnB on light characters.

    3:18 Using another bomb cancel to see how many sniper supers I could get in 1 one combo.

    3:28 RIP Juju ;_;

    3:34 Variation of the SDE Parasoul corner combo using a jHK to detonate a tear so the cMP will hit.

    3:56 This Filia combo starts a chain with every ground normal she has. The HK after a ringlet is Peacock only.

    4:25 The catheads hitting at just the right time and height makes the Andy Anvil part of the combo whiff causing Double to recover mid air and hit the dummy with a falling jHP.

    4:44 Major Surgery trades with Fortune's sneeze and Val continues the combo. This trade is more commonly seen with Argus's low bullet and Squigly's sing but Argus is random and hard to set up and Squigly isn't in this version.

    4:51 Val's jLK pulls the dummy towards her and into the assist allowing Val to switch sides and hit with jHK.

    5:01 Bella hits after dynamo from midscreen with a, now removed, 1 frame link into LK or cLK.

    5:07 Bella barely double jumps after the jMK, jHP giving the jHK downward momentum which is just enough to link into a MP for the stagger.

    5:18 MDE install combos in SDE. Showing off Painwheel's old level 3, now a level 2. The higher up Painwheel is the higher the dummy bounces allowing her to fly over like that. Notice the longer Beur and Thresher animations compared to the newer version.

    5:42 Three Arguses in one combo from a crossup bomb setup. Getting both Andy and Tommy in there was a coincidence.

    6:12 Fortune only barrel loop. Works by getting the opponent to the right height with jMP, jHK and tiger kneeing a barrel to only get 1 hit. Most likely doesn't work anymore because of redone air hitboxes.

    6:41 Practical 3v1 ToF from 3 bars. The Val part still kind of works but everything after the LP is omitted.

    7:06 RIP hairball loops.

    7:42 Hornet Bomber should trigger IPS here because it was used as an assist earlier but for some reason special moves done after the projectile part of jHK seem to count as part of the same chain as the jHK. This also goes for the fridges done after jHK earlier in the video. This bug is most likely the cause of undizzy not activating in early versions of the PC beta before chain based IPS was put in. Show less
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