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    0:00.3 alright i'm super excited that you're on this page you know this channel is going to show you all the different things that you can do holistically meaning combining the Western published medical research and the Eastern philosophical

    0:13.8 holistic approach to having sustainable health this is dr. CBL so I've been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and I'm super excited to share with you all the content that I have with you to show you how do you lose fat

    0:27.9 and get the body about sustainably no more chasing the carer chasing the diet chasing the right program but what are the strategies that you can have a place to have the body that you want and I'm
    going to share with you what are the

    0:39.0 mindset things you can have in place that science proven to have to resilience and the ability to overcome any obstacles and turn them into opportunities also to talk about you know there are videos on how do you get a pain-free body if you have back pain shoulder pain knee pain what are the

    0:56.6 optimum things that you can do to address those pains and take them away and just taking my experience you know from seeing thousands over 6,000 patients and treating them for their
    aches and pains helping people lose weight and getting in shape in the last 20 plus years all the information is for

    1:13.0 you to consume and at your leisure and to go to share this amazing journey with you to sort of guide you in thisn approach of what i call sustainable healthy way to lifelong happiness and health all right so check out the different channels look forward to answer your question just feel free to

    1:31.9 comment and have any pushes up he wasn't happy to answer that and I want you to know that this entire youtube channelnwill started out of frustration right at a frustration of the mass media poisoning people's minds they're thinking it's all about tips and tricks and hacking your body it's out of

    1:50.4 frustration that you know we're being poisoned what I call poison for profits right we're being poisoned by the chemical industry that's you know putting out 82,000 different chemical
    since 1976 that I'm really not even tested to be safe we're being poisoned by the pharmaceutical industry right

    2:07.0 putting out these medicines that only treat the symptoms and not the root causes we're being poisoned by mass media right if you watched news and all the mass media out there that sort of
    tell me you horrible things are having in putting you to fear and scarcity mindset instead of abundance enjoy it

    2:24.7 was out of that frustration seeing that in the last 20 years that's what motivated me to make this channel for you so enjoy the content I look forward to guiding you in your journey to lifelong sustainable happiness and health

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