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Sam Chimes

  • Superhero Jazz

    94 views 7 months ago

    You can't stop me now, You can't stop me now
    You can't stop me now,You can't stop me now...oh na na na na

    I'm like a lyrical Peter parking lines right through your city, huh
    I swear waste management must really really hate me huh
    They can't jive with me, I'm so important man
    Stopping the bad guys who never seem to understand

    I hit you hard just like vodka, and then with some laughter
    I mean with that water, then I'll see ya later
    Rolling off in a Jetta, don't get bitter get better
    I hit you so hard and I'll make you fall off your sofa

    They want to catch me sleeping, man I'm just yawning
    I've been rewriting my life while y'all were snoring
    I mean I'm running, tryna make one hundy
    I'm hot in more ways than one, and still burning

    I'm going one hundred and one, I'm still soaring
    How much swag can one ear stomach? I'm still growling
    Yall thought I was sleeping, but I've been munching
    On some good mind food, that's what I'll be growing

    I'm the Gap between Vuitton and Prada
    Representing the underground like your mayor did your brother
    I got obsession for lessons, homey said it ain't a grievance
    Long as you take something from it to help you capture the moment

    Now I'm gaining momentum at this uno momento
    I mean this very moment makes me feel like the Flinstones
    Remember the retro, when we boys used to fling stones
    And catapult objects like cavemen in the oldschool

    Cheese, y'all gotta watch, your cholesterol
    I mean, What I'm feeding y'all- got too much oil
    How many Castrol cans- can yo U-haul- haul?
    Or are there too many double meanings in front of y'all?

    I mean I deserve this bread, man look how I toil!
    Raising out the dirt, or should I say the soil
    And even if you were dead, you'd still feel this flow
    Come on step out of your tomb and feel the positive flow, yo

    I spit this here, straight up from my soul
    And I produce soul, like that producer from Seoul
    I'm just kidding yo, he's really from Tokyo
    I, nonetheless got that flow, but let me let this thing go!

    My rhymes can't go away, like a viral infection
    This really viral contraption that came through deep contemplation
    So watch your step y'all, at this vital intersection
    Open up y'all, to a happy conception Show less
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