• Hey Guys, I'm a Furry! [Vlog | 01]

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    Guys, thank you so much for checking out this video. I want to let ya know that this video really means a lot to me, I mean, I love being a floof-butt and it's something that plays a role really close to me! In the video, I talk about a variety of things that lead into one another, but it's all about my new channel--why I'm making it and who I am! It's just a camera, and me coming out to the world! ^.^

    This project took a total of three and a half months, and that's only just how great I wanted it to be for you guys. There was a lot of re-records, a lot of meticulous edits, lots of editing in general... -.- yeah, it was pretty crazy. I pulled an all-nighter to finish the last stretch. But yeah! It's now here for ya sexy people, and I'm really excited about it! I do want to apologize that a lot of the edits I have done, are amateur, and likely overdone, but it was the best I could do, having never done that style of editing before!

    Anyway, a bit of an update, yaknow, being a lot of time between when I recorded the parts you see and my posting it. In short, I've become more depressed lacking even more motivation. That said, one of my true motivations is posting this video for you guys, I am so pumped to be on YouTube, and making funny videos for ya guys! It's just, it's given me a great deal of stress, but I've decided I'm ready. I'm ready to post this video, launch my channel, and officially become a Youtuber! So yeah, if you want to know anything else, the comments are open to an AMA (it is on YouTube, however, so we gotta keep it relatively SFW.) Also, sorry the description formatting got all funky, I'm not quite sure what happened, but maybe it will fix it self eventually.

    I said in the description that I'd give you guys some more articles, so here they are! Furry Subreddit - A great and loving furry community! | https://goo.gl/sxCIgA Wikipedia Article - A fairly-written, unbiased article providing a brief enlightenment on many topics that people may relate to the fandom, whether it is a correct assumption or not. | https://goo.gl/9O3gUK Furry Fandom Informational Website - A website that describes the fandom in detail and puts it in a very positive light--yaknow what the fandom actually 'is'! | http://goo.gl/UWYRxD My Reddit Post - This is a long (and I mean, frighteningly long) post I made to really share just about everything I could think about, it includes a lot of stuff not in the video.) | https://goo.gl/fA2aWd

    Okay guys, I am going to attempt, to give credits to every resource used in this video, I don't want to cut anyone short, but I probably lost a tab somewhere or something! (Side note, any resources are listed in order of first appearance! (Side, side note, the resources linked are the original files, any of which could have been modified by me!)) Again, thanks so much to all the artists and creators that had some connection to the video! Due to the fact the list is so long, I have made a google document including the images, sound effects, and the other misc credits here: https://goo.gl/iiuK84

    MUSIC: Different Heaven & Omar Varela - Incredicool (Teminite Remix) | https://goo.gl/mNHgMI Panda Eyes & Teminite - High Score | https://goo.gl/KgLLDm Evan King - End This | https://goo.gl/LVJVVY Evan King - This Will Destroy Us | (No link, the download for _End This_ also contains this song) Virtual Riot - Energy Drink | https://goo.gl/ebJR1A

    One last thing guys, just want to clarify that anything of my jokes in the video are just jokes! I know, some people are going to want to take it literally and that's just going to get them blocked. 'Tis my sense of humor and this is all about my channel, so... butts! ^.^

    For more of my furry craziness, subscribe here!
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