• Double Shot Pre-Production Trailer

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    Double Shot Pre-Production Trailer
    Official website: http://dshot.biz/pre-produc...

    Raising funds now on indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/doubleshotbiz

    "Web Series: Double Shot is about the downfall of one man's career in industrial espionage."

    The script for Double Shot still has a way to go, but overall, the script is done. The next thing is to tie up a few loose ends and make corrections to jargon. If all goes as planned, actually pre-production will begin in Spring 2014, production in Summer 2014, post-production in Fall 2014, and released Winter 2015 on video and social media web sites.

    In the meantime, we are looking for crew as well as cast to fill the roles. More about casting calls in the weeks to come. As far as crew is concern, we are looking for producers, camera people, technologist, audio engineers, script supervisors, makeup artists, hair stylists, and so much more. If you are interested, please contact info@dshot.biz for more detailed information.

    The entire series will be shot using the Nokia Lumia 1020 and several GoPro Hero 3+ cameras.

    A story by Antonio TwizShiz Edward
    Written by Harry Sumako

    Minimum Immigration 5 (Full version)
    Evil Intentions Volume 12
    Patrick Slattery, BMI
    Freeplay Music
    Freeplaymusic, BMI

    Without A Fight (Full version)
    Action Orchestral Volume 1
    David Bateman, ASCAP
    Freeplay Music
    Freeplaynjj, ASCAP

    Video Copilot ProScores
    Licensed Music
    Sound Effects


    Video and Audio Editor
    Antonio TwizShiz Edward http://shiz.us/

    Double Shot Pre-Production Trailer
    Official website: http://www.dshot.biz/

    Copyright 1995-2015 Shiz Media, Inc. and YNOT Media Productions
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  • Westside N 'Ja and The Flying Book Play all

    Official Website: http://www.westsidenja.com/

    Plot: A student learns about a gang/cult led by the Dean of Students at Long Beach University via a video of a torture murder caught on tape. The fight begins when they kidnap his girlfriend.

    Westside! Between 1994 and 1997, Antonio Edward produced a film "Westside N 'Ja" which is about a gang who ran the college, Long Beach University. Most of the scenes were shot at Long Beach City College, California. While going to school, he belong to three different creative arts departments that required a special project to be made as a final grade. Being in the Video Production, Audio Engineering, and Creative Music Writing, instead of creating three different projects, he created this, Westside N 'Ja. Creating Westside N 'Ja would incorporate all the classes together as one big film.

    Westside N 'Ja script called for a large cast of people who were mostly video production students.

    Westside N 'Ja is about a Video Production student, Manuel played by Erick Ferman, at Long Beach University who was given a tape by a janitor, Janitor Bob played by Mark Nobel, to disclose of an underground gang who ran the school. Come to find out, the Dean of Students Matthew Dean, played by Bob Spears, was head of the gang. After watching the tape, Manuel and James, played by Jason Ray, watched the tape. On the tape is someone sitting in a chair getting killed by the Dean Matthew Dean, When their friend Bill found them watching the tape, played by Nate Kincy, Manuel goes home to his girlfriend Melanie, played by JoAnn Pantoja. After a nice love scene, Manuel was called back to school because James found some evidence of more corruption happening on campus. Meanwhile, Melanie still at home, is kidnapped by her best friend Claris in a ninja outfit. Melanie was able to fight off one of the ninjas played by Sothira Chhiv "Chief", but was taken by Bill by surprise. After Manuel finish watching the tape, he decides to visit the auditorium where he finds the dungeon the Westside N 'Ja's. Dean Matthew Dean sets up a competition of sword fighting, boxing, and a bunch of other contest along with his girlfriend Melanie. The Dean is so pissed, he sets off a bomb and leaves. Manuel and Melanie barely made it out on time before the auditorium with the dungeon under it explodes. The plot continues in a sequel to be produced in the near future.

    The Flying Book is also a part of this playlist which is the first movie I produced and directed. Westside N 'Ja is the second movie I produced and directed.

    Short URL to this playlist: https://seae.us/27XE3M
    Short URL to this playlist video play: https://seae.us/njatube

    Westside N 'Ja: http://www.westsidenja.com/
    The Flying Book: https://shiz.tv/theflyingbook
    Double Shot: http://www.dshot.biz/
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