• Doom 2 | movie | speed | 20:13.71

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    Runner: Zero-Master
    Date: 2015-08-11
    Category: UV-Speed
    Map: Movie 1-30
    Source Port: Competition Doom v2.0.3.2
    Time: 19:59 (20:13.71)

    Map Time
    01 00:06 :)
    02 00:40 :|
    03 00:32 :)
    04 00:29 :)
    05 00:27 :)
    06 00:58 :(
    07 00:14 :|
    08 00:24 :))
    09 01:01 :)
    10 00:39 :(
    11 00:35 :|
    12 00:47 :)
    13 01:08 :)
    14 00:21 :(
    15 00:32 :)
    31 00:31 :)
    16 00:14 :))
    17 01:48 :)
    18 00:24 :)
    19 00:39 :))
    20 00:36 :)
    21 00:20 :)
    22 00:30 :|
    23 00:41 :))
    24 00:40 :))
    25 00:44 :)
    26 00:43 :(
    27 00:19 :)))
    28 00:52 :(
    29 01:33 :))))
    30 00:32 :)

    First of all I would like to give a big thanks to Looper, this would never have happened if
    it wasn't for his efforts in the 30uv category. Looper managed to improve the Doom 2 record
    to 23:25 back in 2010, the record stood for almost 4 years before I tried to replicate
    what he did, with some adjustments, and managed to get 23:03. At the time I got 23:03
    it was obvious that sub 23 wouldn't be too hard to get, and I imagined that a really solid run
    would perhaps go under 22 minutes. A few months later Looper picked it up again and managed to get 21:55.

    I have always been working on improving the route for 30uv since I started even
    though I have been doing other runs as well, and I've also been practicing a lot for this run.
    For example trying to improve my movement and ability to do tricks in a consistent matter.
    After a lot of work I saw that getting below 21 minutes would actually be possible,
    and after several attempts I managed to not only get below 21 minutes, but a time of 20:32,
    a full 27 seconds faster than my goal. I really thought that this would be it for Doom 2 UV-Speed,
    but Looper decided to go for sub 20 minutes, and I saw that perhaps it would be possible as well.
    With some small adjustments several places in the route thanks to Looper and a ton of practice
    I figured I would attempt to bring this time down a bit further :)

    This has been one of the demos I have worked the hardest on, the last days I was so close
    to achieving my goal of a time below 20 minutes. Sometimes you just have one of those days
    where almost everything seems to go right, and today I was playing very well compared to
    how I usually play. Earlier I failed several attempts on the episode 3 (map 21-30),
    I kept on going because of how frequently I would reach the later maps of the run this day.

    I then had some absolutely devastating runs which failed on the very last maps,
    on 1 attempt I had gotten in a bit of trouble on map 28 where I failed to grab enough plasma ammo,
    which forced me to use more rockets which cost me a lot of time. I then made a huge mistake by using
    all my rockets on the cacodemons on map 29, because I needed 1 rocket to do the rocket jump.
    I then managed to get 32 seconds on map 30, but the time was 20:00, a single second away from my goal.
    Even though this was very frustrating I decided to continue due to my consistency today.

    And what happened next is unbelievable, yet again I failed, this time on the very very last input I had to make.
    A single frame was the difference between 19:53 and 20:06, I pressed fire 1 frame before I pressed move forward,
    this could have still worked I think if I was standing closer to the edge of the platform like I usually try to do.

    Needless to say, I am extremely happy to be able to now bring this time below 20 minutes,
    especially today after my earlier failed attempts.

    Since I started I have managed to get the following exits:
    30uv2021, 30uv2019, 30uv2151, 30uv2117, 30uv2038, 30uv2016,
    30uv2013, 30uv2013 (second time), 30uv2015, 30uv2006,
    30uv2032 (same time as previous listed record), 30uv2000, 30uv2006 (second time).

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