• OPTIMIST PRIME- wake up call for earth

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    GEORG CARLIN-(rip-2008)
    "hello thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou hahaha thankyou thankyou thankyou all thankyou all thankyou and hello New York hello New York and thankyou yeh ok It's been alittle while it's been alittle while since i've been here and a couple of have happened in that time, I like to talk alittle bit about the war in the persian gulf, biiig doings in the persin gulf, you know my favorite part of that war? it's the first war we ever had that was on every channel plus cable aand the war got good ratings too didn't it got good ratings well we like war we like war were a war like people we like war because were good at it you know why were good at it cuz we get alot of practise this country 's only 200 year's old and already we've had 10 major war's we average a major war every 20 years in this country so were good at it, and it's a good thing we are were not bvery good at anything else anymore huh? can't build a decent car,can't make a TV set or a VCR worth a Fuck got no steel industry left can't educate our young people can't get health care to our old people but we can bomb the shit out of your country alright huh we can bomb the shit out of your country alright especailly if your country's full of brown people oh we like that dont we that's our hobby that's our new job in the world bombing brown people Iraq, Panama,Grenada,Libya you got some brown people tell em' to watch the fuck out! or we'll goddamn bomb them but when's the last white people we bambed can you remember the last white Can you remember any white people we ever bombed the germans there the only one's and that's because they were trying to cut in on our action they wanted to dominate the world bullshit that's our fuckin job that's our fuckin job now we only bomb brown people not because there trying to cut in on our action just because their brown and you probably noticed i dont feel about that war the way we were told we were supposed to feel about that war the way we were ordered and instructed by the united states government to feel about that war you see i tell yeh my mind dosn't work that way i got this real moron thing i do it's called thinking and i'm not a good american because i like to form my own opinoins i don' just roll over when i'm told to, sad to say most american just roll over on comand not me I have certain rules i live by my firt rule i dont believe anything the government tell's me nothing! zero nope and i dont take very seriously the media or the press in this country who in the case of the persian gulf war were nothing more than unpayed employees of the department of defence who most of the time most of the time function as kind of an unofficial public relations agency for the united states government so i dont listen to them i don't really belive in my country and i gotta tell ya folks i dont get all choked up about yellow ribbons and american flags i consider them i consider tham to be symbols and i leave symbols to the symbol minded." Show less
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