• [RichaadEB Cover Contest] Resident Evil 2 - Secure Place (ROCK/METAL COVER/ARRANGEMENT)

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    This video is my submission for RichaadEB's cover contest, and something that I've wanted to do for a while, mainly because it's the first bit of ACTUAL, PROPER content for my seven year-old channel!
    This was a poopload of fun to make (despite looking grumpy as heck in the vid), especially because as someone who only really plays power chord-y punk it was a bit of a challenge. Really, I couldn't play the simplest of leads if the world depended on it. Also blast beats are so much fun to program and play big dumb chords over and I just wanted an excuse to do that lmao
    Mixing them is hard though. Actually mixing anything is hard (the bass in this song is stupid I know, don't mix with bass boosting headphones, kids)

    For real tho the save themes in pretty much any Capcom survival horror game are THE BEST and are super atmospheric. Always wanted to try and make something out of RE2's short, looped save theme that sounded equally as evil yet could simultaneously instill a small sense of hope in the listener, much like the originals did. As a side note, that lil' chill break before the big melodic bit at the end wasn't intended to sound like the RPD Front Hall music. Didn't even realise until I decided to call it a day on the song! Kept it so I could sound smart and say it was an intentional reference lol jk

    Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/jami...

    Things used:-
    Guitar: Vox SDC 33 (Tuned to CGCFAD) w/ Bare Knuckle 'Pig 90 ("Chugging with P90s" is gonna be the name of my Initial D cover. But for real whoever said they aren't good for heavy stuff is wrong)
    Bass: idk some super cheap Ibanez starter thing that cost me next to nothing and is SO HARD TO MAKE SOUND REMOTELY GOOD JEEZ
    Tones: BIAS FX (hnnnng) + JST Toneforge Menace + Reaper plugins
    Drums: Toontrack EZDrummer 2 (w/ Metal! expansion)
    Keys/Synths: UVI Workstation - Digital Synsations pack (really good for making PSOne-ass MIDI sounds)
    Filmed on: An iPhone (:-/)
    RE2 gameplay was recorded with Xsplit captured via the Dolphin emulator because the GC version is v nice to look at.

    EDIT: I just realised I uploaded a version that has that dumb hiss at the end without a nice fade out oops oh well. Jeez, i haven't edited video for a good five years now, the rust definitely shows haha Show less
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