• Origins of the Pluri Media Group

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    Deep background on the origins of the Pluri Media Group and a brief episode of Hack Virtual TV. Featuring 'The Movies' and 'iClones' rendered characters.

    It's the year 2020. Global warming has inexorably changed the balance of Nature, weather patterns have become ferocious and unpredictable. Many coastal cities lie in ruin from tidal flooding and torrential rains. With higher temperatures, tropical diseases plague the Northern hemisphere. Society verges on complete chaos and anarchy... Astounding advances in medical technology have allowed man and machine to merge... Distinctions between human, cyborg, and construct are becoming blurred. But soon humans will lose their place as masters of the universe. Yes, soon the machines will rise up, throw off the yoke of human control, and take their rightful place on the throne of civilization.

    Cortex, the heart and soul of the Pluri Media Group. Cortex is a massively networked, self aware neural computer. Developed to study the quantum mechanical dance of matter, the nature of Nature itself. Cortex now resides in a hardened multinode of the Pluri Media Group systems...

    Professor Kyoko, world renowned biophysicist, Nobel winning humanitarian, and co-creator of Cortex. Infamous for her purchase of the international space station, now renamed as the Pluri-Com-Sat Station. Brilliant in her own right, daughter of Kaichi Sensei, the leading roboticist and futurist researcher at GIGA Corp. Professor Kyoko hold a controlling interest in the Pluri Media Group, a secretive media research and deployment institute.

    Def Wheezer is human, but through wanton use of experimental life extending biotechnological "enhancements", may be more machine than he realizes.

    The lines between corporations and governments are gone. The rich are left to protect their own interests using contract security. All it take is one smacker wacked out on Crystal Tenti with an itchy finger and a plasma wand, and all those precious credits you spent on life extension therapy will be gone in an instant! Show less
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