• Mario kart 8 & Deluxe - Darky Mods Trailer

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    Well hello there it's been a looooong time...

    But i'm back and i comeback with Mario kart 8 mods because that was the game i waited to mod it, except i waiting a little too much because i was also modding Sonic adventure 2

    The reason why i didn't upload any SA2 mod content here is because of Mario kart wii, this channel was like a Mario kart mod channel
    which for now on, is not gonna happen... yet

    big mistake to not upload any video for so long, and i hope i will never do that again.

    Anyway here's a few mods i made for Mario Kart 8, 3 Characters Mods and 3 Tracks Edited
    which mean we start with 6 mods, that's sound like a good start

    also i plan to not only do Texture hack but some custom track/remake
    Texture Edit is good and faster to do, but it's time to more stuff interesting

    I will mod the WII U version, yeah i know the switch is hacked and the Deluxe version have a few mods here, but i'm not gonna hack my switch for a reason that it's NOT safe yet
    and i don't want to force people hacking the switch for enjoy my mods

    however there's a way to easily port the WII U mod to SWITCH so you need to wait a little more and my mods will be here for the switch, but i can't tell you when.

    The next videos will come showing perfectly the mods we saw in trailer with the Download Link

    Edit: it's been more than 1 week this video is uploaded i think it's time to say who is that character in the shadow from the thumbnail
    obviously you know who it is, it's really obvious if you know the Pokemon serie

    The Melody Pokemon Join the Race!

    i decided to completely remade Meloetta for Mario kart 8, to deal easily with bones and mostly because the one from gamefreak have too much polygons (from a 3DS game, this is stupid)

    Meloetta have both Aria Form and Pirouette form, the Aria form is for the Kart version while the Pirouette Form is for Bike Version

    for deluxe user, most of my mods will be ported to switch, don't worry, just be patience!

    Download Link :
    We start with the one people waited in Gamebanana:

    Meloetta For MK8 WiiU: https://gamebanana.com/skin...
    Meloetta For MK8 Deluxe: https://gamebanana.com/skin...

    Give Credit if used, Support my work would be appreciated!
    Credit :

    Music used : Mario Kart Fan Music- Main Theme- by Panman14

    That's all for today.

    Follow me on Twitter :

    and Cya later!

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